Pre-Retirement Death Benefits Sample Clauses

Pre-Retirement Death Benefits. Should the Director die while --------- ----------------------------- serving as a director of the Bank and prior to the occurrence of his Retirement Age, the Bank will pay $1,158.33 per month for a continuous period of 120 months to the Beneficiary or Beneficiaries of the Director. The first such monthly installment payment shall be made on a date to be determined by the Bank, but in no event later than the first day of the calendar month following the calendar month in which the Director died. In the event of the death of the last living Beneficiary before all installment payments shall have been made, the balance of any payments which remain unpaid at the time of such Beneficiary's death shall be commuted on the basis of seven and one-half percent (7 1/2%) per annum compounded interest and shall be paid in a single sum to the estate of the last Beneficiary to die. In the absence of any such beneficiary designation, or if no Beneficiary survives the Director, any payments remaining unpaid at the Director's death shall be commuted on the basis of seven and one-half percent (7 1/2%) per annum compounded interest and shall be paid in a single sum to the Director's estate.
Pre-Retirement Death Benefits. The City’s contract with CalPERS provides the benefit known as the pre-retirement death benefits to continue after remarriage of survivor as set forth in Government Code section 21551.
Pre-Retirement Death Benefits. If Employee dies (i) while actively employed by Employer on a full-time basis and prior to the commencement of Normal Retirement Benefits or (ii) after satisfying the requirements of a Disability Retirement but prior to the commencement of Disability Retirement Benefits, the Pre-Retirement Death Benefit will be paid in a single lump sum within sixty (60) days following Employee’s death.
Pre-Retirement Death Benefits. (a) If a Participant dies before he or she has begun receiving benefits from the Plan, the Participant’s Beneficiary may elect to have the Participant’s Account paid in one of the following payment forms (check all that apply):
Pre-Retirement Death Benefits. If a member dies prior to retirement a lump sum payment of the account balance will be paid out to the spouse or beneficiary as applicable. The spouse has the option of a deferred or immediate annuity or portability. A surviving spouse and surviving dependents under the DC Hourly Plan also receive, at Company cost: • Prescription drugs at 100% coverage • Dental Plan coverage until the spouse reaches age 60 or there are no dependent children, whichever occurs last. In all cases of the death of an employee and/or a surviving spouse, the Company will assist beneficiaries in any way possible.
Pre-Retirement Death Benefits. (A) Before Age 55: if you die in active service after you complete a five-year period of service, your surviving spouse will automatically be eligible to receive a lifetime benefit from the plan. Payments will start on what would have been your normal retirement date. If your period of continuous service is at least 10 years when you die, your spouse can elect to have payments start as early as the first day of the month on or after the date that would have been your 55th birthday. The benefit payable would be equal to 50% of the benefit that would have been paid to you if you left your employment on the date of your death with a vested benefit and elected a 50% “Pop Up” joint and survivor annuity.
Pre-Retirement Death Benefits. A. In-Service Death Benefit Subject to the terms and conditions of the Master Plan, the Employer hereby elects the following in-service death benefit, to be payable in the event that an eligible Participant's employment with the Employer is terminated by reason of the Participant's death prior to Retirement (check and complete one):
Pre-Retirement Death Benefits. Plan A Participants ---------------------------------------------------
Pre-Retirement Death Benefits. A Participant may designate his Beneficiary for the Pre-Retirement Death Benefit in Section 8(h) in accordance with rules established by the Administrator. A Participant may change any prior Beneficiary designation, without notice to or consent of any previously designated Beneficiary, in accordance with rules established by the Administrator. In the absence of a Beneficiary designation or if the Beneficiary predeceases the Participant, the Beneficiary will be the death beneficiary designated by the Participant for purposes of the life insurance policy owned by the Employer on the life of the Participant (if any). If there is still no Beneficiary, then the Beneficiary will be the Participant's estate. If more than one person is the Beneficiary, each Beneficiary will receive equal divisible amounts of any death benefit payable, unless otherwise indicated on the applicable form.
Pre-Retirement Death Benefits. Plan B Participants ---------------------------------------------------