INSURANCE CONTRACT. Sums insured and insurance conditions may be changed in the pay settlement period if the insurance contract is amended. In the event of inconsistency between group life insurance regulations and the insurance contract, the insurance contract applies. A copy of the insurance contract in force from time to time can be obtained from the FA and the Financial Services Union.
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INSURANCE CONTRACT. (h) Contract continuing for a period of more than six months from the Closing Date.
INSURANCE CONTRACT. The Company shall pay on behalf of an Insured all Loss which such Insured becomes legally obligated to pay on account of any Claim first made against such Insured during the Policy Period or, if exercised, during the Extended Reporting Period, for:
INSURANCE CONTRACT. The entire contract includes Your application for insurance, this Policy, any document attached to this Policy when issued, and any amendment to the contract sent to You in writing after the Policy is issued. No person has authority to change the contract or waive any of its provisions other than by, in the case of the Insurer, a change or waiver clearly expressed in writing by the Insurer.
INSURANCE CONTRACT refers to the insurance contract and the insurance policy (property insurance) together with any of its valid change or supplementary agreement, signed between the borrower and the PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as PICC P&C) on pledge gold, with the lender as the only beneficiary. The term of the insurance contract (including renewed term) shall cover the whole pledge term.
INSURANCE CONTRACT. This Card abuse Insurance Policy for Corporate Clients and their terms and conditions. Insured Event The incident leading to a Loss covered by the Insurance Contract. Issuer
INSURANCE CONTRACT. It is expressly stipulated and made a condition of this policy that this Company shall not be liable for a greater proportion of any Loss or damage to the property described therein than the amount insured hereunder bears to 100% of the Replacement Cost of said property at the time such Loss or damage shall happen, not for more than the proportion which the amount insured hereunder bears to the total insurance thereon. Therefore the amount of coverage should represent the value of insurable goods. WHAT THIS AGREEMENT COVERS: We will cover Losses occurring during the policy period, to personal property which you own or have leased, including items entrusted to you, except as excluded in the coverage limitations. COVERAGE LIMITATIONS:
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INSURANCE CONTRACT. An insurance contract means a contract between the insurer Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Estonian branch (hereinafter Seesam) and the policyholder which is reproducible in written form on the basis of which the policyholder undertakes to pay insurance premiums on time and Seesam undertakes, upon an insured event, to compensate for loss in accordance with the insurance contract.
INSURANCE CONTRACT. 4 1.8 Insurer .......................................................... 4 1.9
INSURANCE CONTRACT. The contract that applies to each insurance, covering application for membership of the insurance, insurance terms in force at any time, latest insurance statement according to Finnish Insurance Contracts Act (543/1994) and Finnish law in general. Insurance period The period for which the insurance is valid and for which the insurance premium has been paid. Insured/rentee The group member who rents insured property listed on the cover letter.
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