Fee Payment Sample Clauses

Fee Payment. To pay the required Commission filing fees relating to the Notes within the time period required by Rule 456(b)(1) of the Rules and Regulations without regard to the proviso therein and otherwise in accordance with Rule 456(b) and 457(r) of the Rules and Regulations;
Fee Payment. Payment of the Manager's compensation for the preceding month shall be made as promptly as possible after completion of the computations contemplated by Article III(a) above. During any period when the determination of net asset value is suspended by the Board of Trustees, the average net asset value of a share for the last business day prior to such suspension shall for this purpose be deemed to be the net asset value at the close of each succeeding business day until it is again determined.
Fee Payment. Sponsor authorizes that IRON shall be compensated as follows for providing investment fiduciary services and, if directed by the Sponsor in the IMA, fiduciary services related to the on-going monitoring of the Plan’s Managed Account Service, to the Plan. If the Sponsor elects to deduct the fee, IRON’s fee will be forwarded by Nationwide to IRON. If the Sponsor elects to have the fee billed, the Sponsor will send payment to IRON. This fee represents payment for investment fiduciary services for the relevant service period, which is the preceding calendar quarter (“Service Period”). All fees will be assessed, calculated and deducted or billed no less frequently than quarterly based on total assets held by the Plan, regardless of whether such assets are managed by IRON or selected by Plan Sponsor.
Fee Payment. If the Fund is a Winning Fund in an Auction, the Fund shall pay to ReFlow the Auction Program Fee, which shall be equal to the Fund’s Fee Bid multiplied by the aggregate dollar amount of Shares purchased in the Auction.
Fee Payment. The Pole Attachment Fee is non-refundable and is payable on or before the initial Commencement Date, and on or before each subsequent annual anniversary of the Commencement Date during the Supplemental Site License Term (or until such earlier time as such Supplemental Site License is terminated). Upon agreement of the Parties, Licensee may pay the Pole Attachment Fee by electronic funds transfer and in such event, Licensor agrees to provide to Licensee bank routing information for such purpose. Licensor agrees to provide to Licensee a completed, current version of Internal Revenue Service Form W-9, or equivalent. Until the requested documentation has been received by Licensee, fees shall accrue in accordance with this Agreement but Licensee shall have no obligation to deliver payments. Upon receipt of the requested documentation, Licensee shall deliver the accrued fees as directed by Licensor.
Fee Payment. 2.1 Parcel B shall be exempt from all town taxes, impact fees, special and general assessments and other governmental impositions and charges of every kind and nature including franchise or other fees to landfill waste or to handle or manage it in any way levied and imposed by the Town, except as set forth in Section 3.0 to the Host Town Agreement and water or sewer, rents, rates or charges, including water and sewer connection fees, equal to those paid by commercial entities in the Town for services actually received or connections actually made.
Fee Payment. (a) (Payment): The Applicant shall pay any Fee before the later of the Payment Date applicable to that Fee and the date being 20 business days subsequent to receipt of the Payment Claim for that Fee.
Fee Payment a) (Payment): The Applicant must pay any Fee on or before the Payment Date.
Fee Payment. The Pole Attachment Fee is non-refundable. Licensor shall invoice Licensee annually for all Pole Attachment Fees, no later than October 31. The invoice shall set forth the total number of Poles on which Licensee has been issued a Site Supplement during the annual period, including all previously authorized and active Site Supplements. Invoices for any Site Supplements issued during the course of a calendar year shall be provided to Licensee as necessary for attachments installed after the annual invoice date. Licensor agrees to provide to Licensee a completed, current version of Internal Revenue Service Form W-9, or equivalent.