Yard Waste Sample Clauses

Yard Waste. Leaves, brush, grass clippings, shrubs and tree pruning, and other vegetative materials from the maintenance of yards, lawns, and landscaping at Residential Premises.
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Yard Waste shall refer to vegetative matter resulting from landscaping maintenance and land clearing operations and includes associated rocks and soils.
Yard Waste. Yard waste should not be placed in the large garbage bin at the front of the park. If you are not able to burn your yard waste or use it for mulch, please make arrangements with management for disposal.
Yard Waste. The term “yard waste” is defined as brush, tree trimmings, grass clippings, leaves. Excludes rocks, dirt, sod, animal waste, plastic or metal edging.
Yard Waste. Compostable plant material including grass clippings, leaves, weeds, garden plants, and brush and branches under four inches in diameter and under four feet in length.
Yard Waste. The Contractor shall pick-up Yard Waste and shall charge a fee of $1.94 per sticker. [$1.84 Contractor charge plus $0.10 Village Service Fee]. This fee shall be in effect through March 31, 2017. Beginning April 1, 2017, said fee shall be subject to adjustments based on the applicable provisions of Section 29 of this Contract.
Yard Waste. Leaves, grass clippings, yard trimmings, weeds, brush and other organic garden debris.
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Yard Waste. Section 8B(1)
Yard Waste. Yard waste includes the following organic materials: leaves, grass clippings, garden residue, shrubbery, tree trimmings, and Christmas trees (“Yard Waste”).
Yard Waste. Any and all vegetative matter resulting from private landscaping or regular yard maintenance. Yard Waste shall not include limbs which are greater than five (5) feet in length or four
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