Yard Waste Sample Clauses

Yard Waste. Yard waste should not be placed in the large garbage bin at the front of the park. If you are not able to burn your yard waste or use it for mulch, please make arrangements with management for disposal.
Yard Waste. The Contractor shall pick-up Yard Waste and shall charge a fee of $1.94 per sticker. [$1.84 Contractor charge plus $0.10 Village’s service fee]. This fee shall be in effect through March 31, 2017, and shall be subject to an additional $0.35 per sticker increase on April 1, 2019. Beginning April 1, 2017, and annually thereafter, said fee shall be subject to adjustments based on the applicable provisions of Section 29 of this Contract.
Yard Waste. Grass, leaves, flowers, stalks, stems, tree trimmings, and branches. For yard waste collection services, grass, pine needles, leaves, flowers, stalks, stems, and small tree trimmings (less than four (4) feet in length and less than 24 inches in diameter ) shall be in a container, bag or bundle the weight of which shall not exceed sixty (60) pounds. The maximum weight of any container placed out for yard waste collection shall be sixty (60) pounds.
Yard Waste. All wood waste, wood products, wood chips trees, tree limbs, bagged leaves bagged leaves, bagged sawdust, bagged grass clippings, bagged pine cones, bagged pine straw, and shrub trimmings, Christmas trees, dead plants, weeds and straw. Yard Waste does not include any of the above that has been created by a third party contractor, as it is the responsibility of said third party contractor to arrange and pay for the removal of said waste.
Yard Waste. Any and all vegetative matter resulting from private landscaping or regular yard maintenance. Yard Waste shall not include limbs which are greater than five (5) feet in length or four