SEPTEMBER Sample Clauses

SEPTEMBER. September 11, 2017 The LHIN will submit to the MOHLTC a report on performance indicators using the forms provided by the MOHLTC On or about the 7th working day (date may vary on IFIS GL close as advised by the MOHLTC) The MOHLTC will make the expenditure and revenue report available to the LHIN in APTS for the LHIN’s review September 29, 2017 The LHIN will submit to the MOHLTC Q2 Regular and Consolidation Report using the forms provided by the MOHLTC September 29, 2017 The MOHLTC will provide to the LHIN the forms and information requirements for the 2018-19 Annual Business Plan.
SEPTEMBER. The remaining one-third (⅓) of the District Health Savings Account contribution, when applicable, shall be made with the first payroll in September each year for qualifying employees actively employed on that date. (A qualifying teacher starting employment at the beginning of the year will receive a one-third (⅓) HSA contribution. A qualifying teacher separating from employment at the end of the year will not receive the September one-third contribution, having concluded employment in August.)
SEPTEMBER. 30: The evaluator will provide a general orientation of the evaluation plan to those non-teaching professional staff members scheduled for evaluation. This orientation will explain the basis for the evaluation and procedures to be followed in the appraisal process. The above orientation will be completed by the end of September. This may be accomplished with a scheduled district-wide meeting or individual building meetings.
SEPTEMBER. REPRESENTATION The Company will make the following practical application of the provisions of paragraph two of Section of the Collective Agreement: The Plant Chairperson or the duly appointed re- placement, not be refused permission to leave their regular duties to conduct legitimate business in accordance with the Agreement, unless an emergency condition exists in the plant which would require the Plant Chairperson or the duly appointed replacement to perform their regular work. Executive officers conducting legitimate business in accordance with the Agreement are defined as the President, Financial Secretary, Recording Secretary or their duly appointed replacements and shall function as follows: The President shall not be refused permission to leave the President’s regular duties to carry out the normal functions of the Union President, unless an emergency condition exists in the plant which would require the President to perform the President’s regular work. The Financial Secretary shall be permitted, plant conditions permitting, to leave the Financial Secretary’s regular duties for one and one-half hours on one morning each week, in order to process lost time claims of Union representatives. The Recording Secretary shall be permitted, plant conditions permitting, to leave the Recording Secretary’s regular duties for such time as is necessary to obtain approval of and to post bulletin board notices in accordance with Section of the Collective Agreement. Plant Chairperson and Executive Officers shall continue on their regular work whenever they do not find it necessary to carry out any functions as in and above. In issuing above procedure it is the understanding of the Company that the Union will use its very best efforts to discourage any abuse of the system by Union Representatives. PROCEDURE NO. 3
SEPTEMBER. Xxxxx, A.M., X. Xxxxxxxx & X. Xxxxxx. (2000). Pros and Cons of Currency Board Arrangements in the Lead-up to Eu Accession and Participation in the Euro Zone, IMF PDP/00/1, January. Xxxxx, X. X. &K. Xxxxxxx. (1999). A monetary constitution for argentina: Rules for dollarization, Cato Journal, 18(3), 405-419. Xxxxxx, X. & X. X. Xxxx, Xx. (1993). International Economics, third edition, New York: Xxxx Wiley and Sons, Inc. Xxxxxx, X. (1999). Once and future monetary regimes, New England Economic Review, May, 21-37. Xxxxxx, X. (2001). Comparative Economic Studies, XLIII(1), Spring, 53-74. Xxxxxxx, X. (1992). Economy of Money, Banking and Financial Markets.
SEPTEMBER. The Senate action marked ‘a rare foreign policy victory’ to President Xxxxxx X. Xxxx in the twilight of his administration.(37) Epilogue By concluding the 123 agreement both Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx and Prime Minister Singh have achieved their aims. Xxxx succeeded in establishing a new strategic partnership with India while at the same time opening up lucrative business markets in the land of a populous rising power in Asia ― aims so strong that his administration had attempted to achieve by complying with what India wanted most from the US. Singh attempted first and foremost to satisfy India’s pressing need to secure continued supply of nuclear fuel while at the same time opening up a new possibility of extricating itself from the global isolation in nuclear affairs. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx assured Prime Minister Singh in the July 2005 joint statement that he would work not only to obtain Congressional agreement but also cooperation of friendly countries and allies in adjusting international regimes to enable full civil nuclear energy cooperation and trade with India. Xxxx’x assurances are spelt out almost verbatim in the Indo-US agreement of 2008. The Indian prime minister asserted at the Parliament on 6 March 2006 that the significance of the July 2005 joint statement is ‘the prospect it offers for ending India’s nuclear isolation’. In the global arena, however, the Indo-US nuclear agreement has created contentious problems. The contradiction between India’s status as a de facto nuclear weapon state and its de jure status as a ‘non-nuclear weapon state’ under the terms of the NPT has not been brought up per se in any of the official US documents. Since the inconsistency itself cannot be rectified so long as India sticks to its de facto status, its partner, the US had to work to ensure that others concerned may become acquiescent somehow to the Indo-US nuclear partnership. Both Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx and Prime Minister Singh and their government officials have been well aware of this inconsistency. Singh remarked that his joint statement with Xxxx of July 2005 ‘did not refer to India as a
SEPTEMBER. The Italian Council of Ministers approves the first group of anti-Jewish provisions. for rerouting deportees to Germany or to Poland, and for storing looted property.
SEPTEMBER. The second face to face meeting of the Boards was held in conjunction with the DLM Forum Member Meeting in Luxembourg on 15 October. Although 9 members attended the very successful DLM Advisory Boards meeting, attendance at the ICA Advisory Boards meeting was low, with only 3 members attending. It may not be practical to hold future AB meetings outside mainland Europe. Advisory Board members are sent an overview report approximately every quarter that details Work Package progress in the previous 3 months and foreshadows major project activities in the upcoming 3 months. In year 2, reports were circulated in February, May, September and December 2015. We will continue to provide these reports in Year 3. Project Website The project website is the responsibility of the DPC (Project Partner #06 ). A full website has been created using the Joomla Web Content Management System The site contains the anticipated functionality: user management functions to gather personal details and provide access to private areas; search function, searching within PDF and DOC files as well as HTML; RSS out news section;