The Annual Report Sample Clauses

The Annual Report. VIII.8.2.1 The Annual Report, shall be completed on a standardized form agreed to by the parties and supplied by the University. The form shall include the following information, insofar as it is relevant to the member’s appointment:
The Annual Report. Copies of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Report were distributed. Mr. Evans reviewed and commented on the Report, a copy of which is attached hereto.A motion that the Twenty-Fifth Annual Report be adopted was seconded and carried unanimously.
The Annual Report. By April 1st of each year, the Working Group will produce a report (the “Annual Report”) to the Oversight Committee, identified in Section 3 below, which will address the coordination of land use and school facilities phasing, including population projections and Student Enrollment projections, development trends, school needs, and any other relevant matter pertaining to school facility planning. The Annual Report shall include a narrative describing planning issues for each school, including charter schools, which specifically address the following:
The Annual Report. The CEWH is required to provide the Minister with an Annual Report as soon as practicable following 30 June (s114(1)). The Annual Report must provide information on the achievements against the objective of ‘the environmental watering plan’, management of the Special Account, and all directions that the Minister and the Secretary gave to the CEWH (s114(2)).The Minister is required to table the Annual Report in Parliament and cause a copy to be provided to each of the Basin States. The Annual Report will be published in the companion volume to the Department’s Annual Report, which provides a number of annual reports on legislation administered by the Department.
The Annual Report a) The Management Board shall approve and submit an annual report to the Minister on the functioning of the Agency.
The Annual Report are at all times made available by it in a form that is readily accessible to most Energy Consumers.