Section 8.7 Sample Clauses

Section 8.7. 7 Employees who voluntarily change job classifications within the bargaining unit shall retain their 8 seniority rights in the previous classification for a period of one (1) year, notwithstanding that they have 9 acquired a new seniority date and a new classification. If classifications are reduced or eliminated by the 10 District, employees shall retain their seniority rights in their previous classification for a period of two 11 (2) years.
Section 8.7. 2 The guidelines herein set forth are computed to exclude administrators, librarians, 28 counselors, student service personnel, Title I reading employees, and learning support employees as 29 assigned to such positions on an FTE basis. 30
Section 8.7. 43 When an employee works in an assignment that is classified under this Agreement, at a higher rate of 44 pay, and one that is regularly filled by another person, then said employee shall be compensated at the 45 higher rate of pay. In the event that the person filling the higher paid position does not perform 46 satisfactorily at that level of responsibility, the administrator may skip the person on the seniority list at 47 the next occurrence.
Section 8.7. The District reserves the right to require the employee to furnish written 24 and/or taken.
Section 8.7. 24 Any employee who resigns from employment and returns shall be credited with their prior District 25 secretarial experience, for the purposes of vacation credit. 27 28 30 A R T I C L E I X 32 PROBATIONARY PERIOD, SENIORITY AND LAYOFF PROCEDURES 33 34 Section 9.1. 35 The seniority of an employee shall be established as of the date on which he/she was hired by the 36 District into this bargaining unit (hereinafter "hire date") unless such seniority shall be lost as 37 hereinafter provided. If two or more employees have the same bargaining unit hire date, the tie will be 38 broken by referencing the employee’s original district hire date, outside the bargaining unit.
Section 8.7. 25 All hours worked for special events outside the normal workday, during the student year, shall be 26 compensated at one and one-half (1 ½) times the employee’s base pay. For summer work 8.2., 8.3. 27 and 8.4. shall apply.
Section 8.7. 29 On extra event runs the time shall be computed as driving time when the employee reports for duty (15 30 minutes prior to the posted time to depart the garage for pre-trip, warm up, and preparation) and shall 31 be paid at the regular hourly rate. The driver shall either remain in the bus or be at the disposal of the 32 person in charge of the trip. The driver will be paid at their regular rate for one (1) hour additional to 33 clean and fuel the bus for the next trip once the trip has concluded. Additional time will be approved 34 by the director/supervisor on a case by case basis.
Section 8.7. Notwithstanding the above provisions, the parties may mutually agree to 16 substitute an alternate health insurance plan that may be mutually beneficial and 17 become available prior to any plan year enrollment period.
Section 8.7. 14 Employees required to attend staff meetings shall receive no less than a minimum of one (1) hour’s 15 pay for attending. The union will designate one building representative at every building who will be 16 paid to attend staff meetings. That designated employee is responsible to accurately report back to 17 classified staff any pertinent information discussed at that staff meeting. This employee may not 18 exceed forty (40) hours per week to attend this meeting.
Section 8.7. 1. 21 All hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours per week (Monday through Sunday) shall be 22 compensated at the rate of one and one-half (1-1/2) times the employee’s base pay.