Contractor to Provide Sample Clauses

Contractor to Provide a written certification from all parties responsible for the roof warranties that the PV systems, as installed, have no adverse effect on roof warranties or the Contractor must provide substitute roof warranties of equal value.
Contractor to Provide. Drill rigs
Contractor to Provide full information At the time that the Contractor seeks VicForestsconsent as required under clause 14.1, the Contractor must provide VicForests with:
Contractor to Provide. Under this IRC-E the Contractor shall:
Contractor to Provide. SECTION 4.6 If the Employer directs an employee to leave his tools on said job, that said Employer shall cover such employee's tools with burglary insurance in the amount of not less than FOUR HUNDRED ($400.00) DOLLARS during the period of time they are left on job. On all jobs where extreme dirt due to oil, grease, etc. are present, rags and cleaning materials shall be supplied by the Employer. On jobs requiring the handling of grease filled or oil filled cables, the Employer shall furnish overalls and gloves and shall have such clothing laundered or otherwise cleaned at least twice a week. WORKMANSHIP

Related to Contractor to Provide

  • Owners Required To Provide Information From the Initial Date and prior to the Restriction Termination Date:

  • Contractor If COUNTY elects to renegotiate this Agreement due to reduced or terminated 20 funding, CONTRACTOR shall not be obligated to accept the renegotiated terms.

  • Subcontractors The Contractor will not subcontract any work under the Contract without prior written consent of the Department. The Contractor is fully responsible for satisfactory completion of all its subcontracted work. The Department supports diversity in its procurements and contracts, and requests that the Contractor offer subcontracting opportunities to certified woman-, veteran-, and minority-owned small businesses. The Contractor may contact the OSD at for information on certified small business enterprises available for subcontracting opportunities.

  • Use of Subcontractors (a) [Reserved].