Section 6.2.1 Sample Clauses

Section 6.2.1. 3 All year-round employees shall earn vacation credit according to the following schedule:
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Section 6.2.1. 7 The District shall allow Association representatives to participate in negotiations, grievance 8 hearings, or disciplinary hearings during working hours if they cannot reasonably be scheduled 9 during non-working hours. Released time for negotiations shall be limited to one representative 10 from each job classification or a number equal to the number of job classifications; released time 11 for grievance hearings shall be limited to the grievant, required witnesses, and one (1) Association 12 representative, and released time for disciplinary hearings shall include one (1) Association 13 representative.
Section 6.2.1. Taxes......................................................................................... 55
Section 6.2.1. 24 It is also mutually agreed that vacations shall be scheduled at the request of the employee, unless 25 such vacation time would disrupt the normal activities of the school district. An employee may
Section 6.2.1. 23 Association representatives, when leaving their work, shall first obtain permission from their 24 immediate supervisor. The employees will report their return to work to their immediate 25 supervisors.
Section 6.2.1. 35 Full time employees are defined as employees whose work year consists of two-hundred and 36 sixty (260) days at eight (8) hours per day. 37
Section 6.2.1. 2 Employees who are approved by their supervisor to work through their duty-free meal period 3 will be compensated at their rate of pay.
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Section 6.2.1. Upon the mutual agreement of the impacted employee and their immediate supervisor, 31 an employee may be able to work a four (4) day, ten (10) hour per day workweek during periods that 32 the regular school year is not in session. Employees working a four (4) day, ten (10) hour per day 33 workweek shall not be eligible for overtime for hours worked beyond eight (8) hours per day as 34 specified in Section 6.1.2 of the Agreement.
Section 6.2.1. Security Interest Representations...................... 26
Section 6.2.1. 32 In the event a work-related interruption requires the presence of the employee during the 33 scheduled rest period, the employee shall be entitled to schedule, with the supervisor’s or 34 designee’s approval an alternative rest period.
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