Employment Year definition

Employment Year means each twelve-month period during the Term commencing on September 10th, and ending on September 9th, of the following year. In the event the parties decide to extend this Agreement for an additional three year Term, any extension agreed upon must be done so in writing and executed by the Company and Employee no later than 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on September 9th, 2015.
Employment Year means each twelve-month period, or part thereof, during which Employee is employed hereunder, commencing on the Commencement Date and on the same day of the subsequent calendar year and each consecutive 12 month period thereafter.
Employment Year means each twelve-month period, or part thereof, during which Employee is employed hereunder, commencing on the Commencement Date or on October 1 of any subsequent calendar - year, the first such subsequent Employment Year being the twelve-month period which will begin on October 1, 2002.

Examples of Employment Year in a sentence

  • The maximum amount of deferred income a Participant may defer during the Employment Year shall not exceed the lesser of the applicable dollar amount as set forth in section 457(e)(15) of the Code; or 100 percent of the Participant’s Includable Compensation; or as otherwise provided by law.

  • During each Employment Year, an existing Participant Agreement may be amended to effect subsequent deferrals in accordance with the provisions of the Plan and the rules established by the Council.

  • During each Employment Year in which the Employee defers Compensation, the Employer shall not pay the Employee full Compensation as is specified by the Employee in the Participant Agreement which has been executed and filed with the Employer.

  • Compensation shall be deferred in amounts of not less than ten dollars ($10) or one percent (1%) of Gross Compensation each pay period of the Employee’s Employment Year.

More Definitions of Employment Year

Employment Year means each consecutive twelve (12) month period during the Employment Period commencing on the Effective Date, or the yearly anniversary thereof, as the case may be. Effective on the first anniversary of the Effective Date, this Agreement shall be automatically extended indefinitely until the Company or the Employee shall give ninety (90) days prior written notice to the other party that it or he, as the case may be, in its or his sole discretion, wishes to terminate this Agreement.
Employment Year means a period which commences on the first date of employment or any anniversary of such date and ends one year from such date.
Employment Year means a calendar year ended December 31.
Employment Year means each twelve-month period commencing on January 1st of each applicable year, or part thereof, as the case may be, during which Executive was or is employed by the Company pursuant to this Agreement or prior to this Agreement.
Employment Year means the 12-month period beginning with the Initial Date and each 12-month period beginning on the annual anniversary of such Initial Date thereafter.
Employment Year means the period beginning on February 12, 2002 and ending on February 11, 2003, and each consecutive twelve-month period;
Employment Year means each full consecutive twelve (12)-month period that the Executive is employed by the Corporation after the date of this Agreement.