Federal Income Tax definition

Federal Income Tax means any Tax imposed by Subtitle A of the Code, and any interest, penalties, additions to tax, or additional amounts in respect of the foregoing.
Federal Income Tax means any Income Tax imposed by the United States government.
Federal Income Tax means United States federal income tax.

Examples of Federal Income Tax in a sentence

  • In the discussions with respect to Tax Laws matters and ERISA Laws matters in the sections of Item 1 of the Form 10-K captioned “Material United States Federal Income Tax Considerations” and “ERISA Plans, Keogh Plans and Individual Retirement Accounts”, certain assumptions have been made therein and certain conditions and qualifications have been expressed therein, all of which assumptions, conditions, and qualifications are incorporated herein by reference.

  • Upon Administrative Agent’s request, Guarantor shall provide, or cause to be provided, to Administrative Agent copies of Guarantor’s consolidated Federal Income Tax returns, if any, delivered within thirty (30) days after the earlier of (A) filing or (B) the last filing extension period.

  • With respect to any member of the SpinCo Group that is a “controlled foreign corporation” within the meaning of Section 957(a) of the Code immediately prior to the Distribution, Parent may, in its sole discretion, make or cause to be made the election under Treasury Regulations Section 1.245A-5(e)(3)(i) (or any successor provision of Tax law that allows a closing of the books election) to close such entity’s Tax year for Federal Income Tax purposes as of the Effective Time.

More Definitions of Federal Income Tax

Federal Income Tax means the income tax imposed by the Internal Revenue Code.
Federal Income Tax means all federal taxes levied on the income of a natural person or organization by the United States Department of the Treasury under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or any subsequent corresponding internal revenue code of the United States, as amended from time to time;
Federal Income Tax means any Tax imposed by Subtitle A of the Code other than an Employment Tax.
Federal Income Tax means any Tax imposed under Subtitle A of the Code and any related interest and any penalties, additions to such Tax, or additional amounts imposed with respect thereto.
Federal Income Tax means any Tax imposed under Subtitle A of the Code (including the Taxes imposed by Sections 11, 55, and 1201(a) of the Code), and any interest, additions to Tax or penalties applicable or related thereto, and any other income-based United States federal Tax which is hereinafter imposed upon corporations.
Federal Income Tax means any Income Tax imposed on corporations under the Code.
Federal Income Tax means any U.S. federal income tax, including ------------------ any interest, penalty or addition thereto, whether disputed or not.