Schematics Sample Clauses

Schematics. Upon receipt of a Notice to Proceed from the Awarding Authority, the Designer shall meet as necessary with the Awarding Authority for the purpose of arriving at a mutual understanding of the Awarding Authority's project needs. Thereafter, the Designer shall prepare and submit to the Awarding Authority single line schematic drawings including floor plans, elevations and space criteria to establish basic design ideas and respective cost estimates as set forth in the scope of services included as Attachment A. The Designer shall submit to the Awarding Authority for approval six (6) copies of said schematic plans, outline specifications and cost estimates, on or before the date or time for submission specified in the Notice to Proceed or any supplement thereto, unless the Designer shall have obtained from the Awarding Authority an extension of time in writing. Estimated construction cost and fee as set forth in the original Notice to Proceed will not be changed by the Awarding Authority without the agreement of the Designer.
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Schematics. LIFFE shall use reasonable efforts to provide the Services in a manner consistent with the Schematics, where applicable.
Schematics. Lessee shall deliver to Lessor the schematic drawings ("Schematic Drawings") upon which the Plans shall be based not later than September 15, 1999. The Schematic Drawings and the Plans shall conform with standards set forth by Lessor for material specifications and construction specifications which are applicable for the Building in general. Lessor shall have ten (10) working days after receipt thereof to review and approve/disapprove the Schematic Drawings. Once Lessor has approved the Schematic Drawings, Lessee shall cause the Architect to prepare the Plans which must be consistent with the approved Schematic Drawings. Provided Lessor has approved the Schematic Drawings, Lessee shall deliver the Plans to Lessor for its approval, in one or more stages, during the period between October 1 and October 15, 1999. Lessor shall not unreasonably withhold its approval of the plans so long as the Plans are consistent with the Schematic Drawings. In scheduling the preparation of the Schematic Drawings and the Plans, Lessee shall allow sufficient time for review and approval by Lessor and by the appropriate government agencies.
Schematics. All drawings which show electrical circuitry without regard to the physical position of the various components, and representing these components by conventional symbols, shall be defined as `schematics' for the purpose of job orders under this BOA.
Schematics. 4. Specifications, including, without limitations, OEM procurement specifications
Schematics. QMS will provide Distributor, without charge, schematics ---------- of all future Distributor Products and enhancements of current Distributor Products sold by Distributor.
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Schematics. 4. Printed circuit fabrication drawing 5. Printed circuit mechanical layout 6. Printed circuit film 7. CAD Tape
Schematics. To assess conformance to previous plans and to determine success of green strategies, a review and approval of the Developer’s Schematic Design submission is required. The approval process will include the computer modeling of the building using DOE2 or similar software that will lead to recommendations for improved energy efficiency and better environmental practices. Developer must submit the following information: • Outline specifications including all exterior materials (including colors), systems and windows. • Site plan showing all surrounding Streets and indicating building footprint, entries, access and landscaped areas. Scale: 1"= 16' or larger. • Zoning drawings and calculations. • Basement or Cellar Plan(s) showing all parking Scale: 1"=16'. • Ground floor plan. Scale 1"=16'. • Second Floor plan. Scale 1"=16'. • Typical floor plans. Scale: 1"=16'. • Roof Plans showing all mechanical equipment. • Scale 1"=16'. • Concept plan for open space treatment. • Single line drawings showing structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and connections. • Building section in both directions. Scale 1"=16' or 1"=32'. • Building elevations indicating all materials. Scale: l"=16' or 1"=32'. • Front-wall elevations showing floors one through four indicating material treatment and plane changes in inches. Scale 1"=4'. • Building top and bulkhead elevation showing top expression zones, cornice and bulkhead indicating materials and plane elevation changes in inches. Scale 1"= 4'. • Rendered elevations representing material and color choices. • Model indicating building massing, in off-white Strathmore board, for insertion into the Battery Park City site model. Scale: 1"=20'. • Plan for material mock-up to be built as part of Design Development submission. • Written list of all deviations from Design Guidelines. • Drawings and models should adequately show the architectural treatment for areas of special concern including roof profiles, building corners, required street-wall height expression and any rooftops visible from above. • Further development of sustainable design elements indicating commitments with respect to energy conservation, recycling systems, air quality, operations and maintenance, resource conservation and other requirements of the Green Guidelines. Strategies will include specific proposals, and method plus the calculations of LEED points. Chart listing LEED points to be met and strategies for their achievement. • A completed statement o...
Schematics f. Field programmable gate array and onboard firmware source files
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