The Notice to Proceed Sample Clauses

The Notice to Proceed for Phase I shall specify Phase I milestones and the Engineer's Raw Salary with corresponding classifications times the Raw Salary Multiplier, Reimbursable Expenses, and Consultant Subcontract Cost necessary to reach each milestone. Engineer shall perform all services necessary to complete each milestone.
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The Notice to Proceed. Construction issued by Borrower in compliance with the Prime Contract;
The Notice to Proceed. In the event of a conflict between any documents comprising this Contract, the documents shall be construed in the following order of priority: 1) the terms of this Contract; 2) the provisions of the Invitation to Bid and then 3) the Contractor’s bid response

Related to The Notice to Proceed

  • Notice to Proceed Work shall not commence on this Project until the Director has issued a written Notice to Proceed to the Recipient. Such Notice will not be issued until the Director is assured that the Recipient has complied with the Recipient's responsibilities concerning OEPA plan approval, when applicable. A Notice to Proceed shall be required for all project prime contractors or direct procurement initiated by the Recipient following execution of this Agreement.

  • Notice to Proceed (NTP Following the JOA and purchase order issuance, the County will issue a Notice to Proceed (NTP) that will provide the construction start date, the Work duration period, and the Substantial Completion date. The Contractor agrees to begin and complete construction within the dates specified on the NTP. The County must approve all extensions of time in writing. The County may also issue an Emergency Notice to Proceed (NTP). In the event the County requires the Contractor to respond to an immediate request for work, a Job Order will be created and an Emergency NTP will be issued. The Contractor will be required to perform the Scope of Work included with the Emergency NTP as directed by the County’s Project Manager or designee. The Detailed Scope of Work, Quotation, Subcontractor Listing, Shop Drawings and required Non Pre-priced backup documentation will be submitted upon completion of the emergency work in accordance with the Ordering Procedures detailed in Section III above.

  • NOTICE TO PROCEED AND SCHEDULE The CONSULTANT shall begin the work to be performed under this Contract only upon receipt of the written notice to proceed from the LPA, and shall deliver the work to the LPA in accordance with the schedule contained in Appendix "C" which is herein attached to and made an integral part of this Contract.

  • Notice to Proceed - Site Improvements The Recipient shall not commence, or cause to be commenced, any site improvements or other work on the Land until the Director has issued a Notice to Proceed to the Recipient. Such Notice to Proceed will not be issued until the Director is assured that the Recipient has complied with all requirements for the approval of a grant under Revised Code Sections 164.20 through 164.27 and has completed any land acquisition required by the Project. A Notice to Proceed shall be required for all Project prime contractors or direct procurement initiated by the Recipient following execution of this Agreement.

  • Notice to Contractor The Contractor is required to submit Certificates of Insurance acceptable to the State as evidence of insurance coverage requirements prior to commencing work under this Contract. Contractor shall not commence work under the contract until they have obtained all the insurance described below and the State has approved such insurance. Contractor shall maintain such insurance in force and effect throughout the term of this Contract, unless otherwise specified in this Contract The failure of the Contractor to provide a Certificate of Insurance, for the policies required under this Contract or renewals thereof, or failure of the insurance company to notify the State of the cancellation of policies required under this Contract shall not constitute a waiver by the State to the Contractor to provide such insurance. The State reserves the right to immediately terminate this Contract if the Contractor is not in compliance with the insurance requirements and retains all rights to pursue any legal remedies against the Contractor. All insurance policies must be open to inspection by the State, and copies of policies must be submitted to the State’s Authorized Representative upon written request.

  • Failure to Provide Notice A failure to give timely Notice or to include any specified information in any Notice as provided in this Section 15.3 will not affect the rights or obligations of any Party hereunder except and only to the extent that, as a result of such failure, any Party which was entitled to receive such Notice was deprived of its right to recover any payment under its applicable insurance coverage or was otherwise materially damaged as a direct result of such failure and, provided further, the Indemnitor is not obligated to indemnify the Indemnitee for the increased amount of any Indemnifiable Loss which would otherwise have been payable to the extent that the increase resulted from the failure to deliver timely a Notice of Claim.

  • Notice to Contractors This contract, together with the other documents enumerated in this paragraph, forms the contract between the parties. These documents are as fully a part of the contract as if attached hereto or repeated herein. The Contractor agrees to perform all of the work described in the contract documents and to comply with the terms and conditions defined therein for a total sum of Two Million Two Hundred Fifty-Four Thousand and 00/100 DOLLARS ($2, 254,000.00), said amount being subject to any approved addenda or change order.

  • STOP WORK NOTICE The City may issue an immediate Stop Work Notice in the event the Contractor is observed performing in a manner that is in violation of Federal, State, or local guidelines, or in a manner that is determined by the City to be unsafe to either life or property. Upon notification, the Contractor will cease all work until notified by the City that the violation or unsafe condition has been corrected. The Contractor shall be liable for all costs incurred by the City as a result of the issuance of such Stop Work Notice.

  • Authorization to Proceed A fully executed and approved authorization in the form of Attachment 6 to this Agreement, Authorization to Proceed (“ATP”) accompanied by an executed purchase order document issued by the Owner to the Project Consultant, authorizing the performance of specific professional services, authorizing commencement of a Phase as defined in Article 2.1 through Article 2.8, and stating the time for completion and the amount of fee authorized for such services.

  • Failure to Provide Notice of Expiry If the HSP fails to provide the required 6 months’ Notice that it intends to allow this Agreement to expire, or fails to provide a Transition Plan along with any such Notice, this Agreement shall automatically be extended and the HSP will continue to provide the Services under this Agreement for so long as the Funder may reasonably require to enable all clients of the HSP to transition to new service providers.

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