MANUALS Sample Clauses

MANUALS. Each product delivered under contract to any Customer must be delivered with at least one (1) copy of a safety and operating manual and any other technical or maintenance manual. The cost of the manual(s) must be included in the price for the Product offered.
MANUALS. Simultaneous with delivery, all Product shall be furnished with standard manuals (e.g. maintenance, parts and operational manuals) as would normally accompany such Product(s). Manuals may be provided printed and bound, on CD, or at an online website. If paper manuals are provided, an Authorized User shall be able to opt not to receive extra copies of documentation when ordering multiple units. This arrangement should be agreed upon between the Contractor and the Authorized User prior to order. An Authorized User may also want to purchase additional sets of documentation, if needed. If the provision of additional sets of documentation is subject to a separate cost, the Contractor must so advise the Authorized User at the time of order. Contractor shall also ensure that the part numbers associated with this provision of additional sets of documentation are available to the Authorized User on the OEM Specifications or Contractor-published price list. Further, where documentation is provided either in printed or electronic format, Authorized User shall be entitled to make copies to the extent necessary to fully enjoy the rights granted under the resulting Contract provided that the Authorized User reproduces the copyright notice and any other legend of ownership on any copies made.
MANUALS. To the extent an equipment manual is delivered to Buyer with goods (applicable exclusively to those goods where such a manual is produced), Seller reserves the right to assess a charge, per manual, for each additional manual requested by Buyer. Each manual produced by Seller is a confidential, proprietary and copyrighted document and may not be copied, published or reproduced in any manner or form without prior written agreement of Seller. Such agreement is at the sole discretion of Seller and Seller may revoke the same at its discretion at any time.
MANUALS. Upon the return of the Aircraft upon any termination of this Lease, Lessee shall deliver or cause to be delivered to Lessor all logs, manuals and data and maintenance, inspection, modification and overhaul records and similar records required to be maintained with respect to the Aircraft and Parts under FAA rules, the Aircraft maintenance program. If any such logs, manuals, records or other data are missing, incomplete or otherwise not in accordance with FAA standards applicable to Lessee, Lessee shall re-accomplish the maintenance tasks necessary to produce such records in accordance with its approved maintenance program prior to delivery of the Aircraft or otherwise perform all necessary acts (without regard to any applicable waivers or deferrals) to obtain such records in a manner satisfactory to the FAA and Lessor.
MANUALS. Boeing will provide at the beginning of each Maintenance Training course 1 copy of a training manual or equivalent for each student attending such course.
MANUALS. Friday’s confidential operating manuals, as amended from time to time by Friday’s, which contain the instructions, requirements, Standards, specifications, methods and procedures for the operation of the Restaurants including (i) those relating to the selection, purchase, service and sale of all products being sold at the Restaurants, (ii) those relating to the maintenance and repair of the Restaurants, buildings, grounds, equipment, signs, interior and exterior decor items, fixtures and furnishings and (iii) those relating to employee apparel and dress, accounting, bookkeeping, record retention and other business systems, procedures and operations. Proprietary Marks - certain trademarks, trade names, service marks, emblems and indicia of origin designated by Friday’s from time to time in connection with the operation of Restaurants pursuant to the System in the Territory, including, without limitation, “TGI Friday’s®”, “Friday’s®” and “The American Bistro®”. Restaurant(s) - a T.G.I. Friday’s® Restaurant(s) developed pursuant to the Development Agreement. Standards - the standards and specifications, as amended from time to time by Friday’s, contained in, and being a part of, the Confidential Information pursuant to which Developer shall develop and operate Restaurants in the Territory. System - a unique, proprietary system developed and owned by Friday’s (which may be modified or further developed from time to time by Friday’s) for the establishment and operation of full-service restaurants under the Proprietary Marks, which includes, without limitation, a distinctive image consisting of exterior and interior design, decor, color scheme and furnishings; special recipes, menu items and full service bar; employee uniform standards, products, services and specifications; procedures with respect to operations and inventory and management control; training and assistance; and advertising and promotional programs. Term - the duration of the Development Agreement, commencing on the Commencement Date and continuing until , 20 , unless sooner terminated. Territory - the geographical area described and set forth in Exhibit C. TGIFM - TGI Friday’s of Minnesota Inc., a Minnesota corporation and a subsidiary of Friday’s. T.G.I. Friday’s® Restaurants - restaurants operated in accordance with the System under the Proprietary Marks. EXHIBIT B TO DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT GUARANTY AGREEMENT THIS GUARANTY AGREEMENT (the “Guaranty”) is made as of the day of , 2004, by the under...
MANUALS. All Manufacturer's Manuals delivered with the Aircraft under the Lease updated to the latest revision standard (applicable as at the Return Occasion) or provided with comprehensive approved supplements as may be reasonably requested by Lessor Microfilm or CD: J006 WDM J007 IPC J008 Maintenance Manual J009 Schematics J010 Hook Up Listing
MANUALS. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, BROCADE hereby grants to McDATA a nonexclusive, nontransferable, worldwide license to modify the BROCADE End User manual(s) (including manual text and layouts) for the Products ("BROCADE Manuals"), subject to BROCADE's written approval as described below, and to distribute such approved, revised versions of the BROCADE Manuals with the McDATA Product (the "McDATA Manuals"). BROCADE will review and approve the McDATA Manuals in writing as to form and content with respect to the Products prior to their use or distribution. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld and shall be made within [*] following BROCADE's receipt of the proposed McDATA Manuals. Notwithstanding the foregoing, such approval shall not be required for (a) changes to content made by McDATA which are consistent with changes made by McDATA to the McDATA Products (other than changes to the Products), or (b) changes consistent with McDATA's usage, style or format guidelines, provided that no such change alters the form, features or functionality of the Products.