Manuals Sample Clauses

Manuals. Each product delivered under contract to any Customer must be delivered with at least one (1) copy of a safety and operating manual and any other technical or maintenance manual. The cost of the manual(s) must be included in the price for the Product offered.
Manuals. Simultaneous with delivery, all Product shall be furnished with standard manuals (e.g. maintenance, parts and operational manuals) as would normally accompany such Product(s). Manuals may be provided printed and bound, on CD, or at an online website. If paper manuals are provided, an Authorized User shall be able to opt not to receive extra copies of documentation when ordering multiple units. This arrangement should be agreed upon between the Contractor and the Authorized User prior to order. An Authorized User may also want to purchase additional sets of documentation, if needed. If the provision of additional sets of documentation is subject to a separate cost, the Contractor must so advise the Authorized User at the time of order. Contractor shall also ensure that the part numbers associated with this provision of additional sets of documentation are available to the Authorized User on the OEM Specifications or Contractor-published price list. Further, where documentation is provided either in printed or electronic format, Authorized User shall be entitled to make copies to the extent necessary to fully enjoy the rights granted under the resulting Contract provided that the Authorized User reproduces the copyright notice and any other legend of ownership on any copies made.
Manuals. Upon the return of the Aircraft upon any termination of this Lease, Lessee shall deliver or cause to be delivered to Lessor all logs, manuals and data and maintenance, inspection, modification and overhaul records and similar records required to be maintained with respect to the Aircraft and Parts under FAA rules, the Aircraft maintenance program. If any such logs, manuals, records or other data are missing, incomplete or otherwise not in accordance with FAA standards applicable to Lessee, Lessee shall re-accomplish the maintenance tasks necessary to produce such records in accordance with its approved maintenance program prior to delivery of the Aircraft or otherwise perform all necessary acts (without regard to any applicable waivers or deferrals) to obtain such records in a manner satisfactory to the FAA and Lessor.
Manuals. 1. The Recipient shall carry out, and shall cause the Project to be carried out by GRAAN, in accordance with the terms of a manual satisfactory to the Association (the Operational Manual). Except as the Association shall otherwise agree, the Recipient shall not amend, waive or fail to enforce the Operational Manual, or any provision thereof. In case of any conflict between the terms of this Agreement and those of the Operational Manual, the terms of this Agreement shall prevail.
Manuals. When required, CFMI will provide, at the beginning of each maintenance training course, one set of training manuals, or equivalent, for each student attending such course.
Manuals. 1. Except as the Association shall otherwise agree, the Recipient shall cause FSRDC to carry out the Project in accordance with the Project Operations Manual (POM), including the Micro-Grants Manual (MGM) and the Project Financial and Accounting Manual (PFAM); (ii) except as the Association shall otherwise agree, not amend, abrogate; or waive, or permit to be amended, abrogated, or waived, the aforementioned, or any provision of either one thereof, without the prior written agreement of the Association.
Manuals. To the extent a manual is to be delivered to Buyer for Goods (applicable exclusively to those Goods where such a manual is produced) Seller will provide one digital or paper copy of such Manual to Buyer at no additional cost and for each additional manual requested by Buyer, Seller reserves the right to assess an additional charge, per manual. Each manual produced by Seller is a confidential, proprietary, and copyrighted document and may not be copied, published, or reproduced in any manner or form without prior written agreement of Seller. Such agreement is at the sole discretion of Seller and Seller may revoke the same at its discretion at any time.
Manuals. The Employer will provide the Union with one copy of each agency’s Administrative and Operational Manuals, and will provide, in a timely fashion, copies of any changes to said documents. If these Manuals are available via an electronic system (e.g., PowerDMS), the Employer will provide the Union with access to the system. The Employer will also provide the Union with an initial issue of the State Personnel and Pension Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland. The Union will be charged for copies of subsequent revisions. Specific unit standard operating procedure manuals will be released as agreed at agency LMC meetings.
Manuals. The Recipient shall cause the Project Implementing Entity: (i) to carry out the Project in accordance with the provisions of the Project Implementation Manual and the Project Manual of Financial, Accounting and Administrative Procedures, and (ii) unless the Association shall otherwise agree, not to amend or waive any provision thereof which in the opinion of the Association may adversely and materially affect the implementation of the Project.