Plumbing Systems Sample Clauses

Plumbing Systems. Tenant agrees to maintain in good working order and to make all required repairs or replacements to the plumbing systems for the Leased Premises. Tenant upon signing this Lease acknowledges that Tenant has inspected the existing plumbing systems and all such systems are in good repair and working order.
Plumbing Systems. Manager shall perform the housekeeping and preventative maintenance services for plumbing systems described in the NPA Manual, pages 12-13 and 25- 26 and 33, except where it is so indicated that City will perform certain responsibilities. City shall perform all other maintenance and repair services required for the plumbing system, including maintaining, repairing, and replacing, if necessary, the storm drainage system, the sanitary sewer system, if any, and the fire protection system. Each party shall use reasonable efforts to abide by the Housekeeping and Maintenance Schedule.
Plumbing Systems. 7.1 The inspector shall:
Plumbing Systems. 9.1 All plumbing installations must comply with local and state plumbing codes.
Plumbing Systems. Tenant agrees to maintain in good working order and to make all required repairs or replacements to the plumbing systems for the Leased Premises.
Plumbing Systems. Items including domestic water supply, distribution, heaters, boilers, fixtures and drainage shall be assessed.
Plumbing Systems. ☒ ☐ ☐ ☒ A. Plumbing Supply, Distribution Systems, and FixturesComments:Location of water meter: N/ALocation of main water supply valve: Not visible, further investigation Static water pressure reading: N/A Water Supply Material: Copper A plumbing system typically consists of three major components, including the potable water supply piping; the waste or drain piping; and the plumbing fixtures. The distribution piping brings the water from the public water main or a private well to the individual fixtures throughout the house. The water distribution system is under pressure, usually from 40 psi to 70 psi. The waste or drain piping carries the waste water and products underground to the sewer system or septic tank, and the waste piping is not under pressure, but operates by gravity flow. We typically run water down the drains from the sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets, but this cannot simulate the waste flow characteristics of full occupancy.There may be partial blockage of the underground waste lines from debris, broken pipes, or tree roots that cannot be detected by a visual inspection. If you desire a more in-depth inspection, it is recommended that you contact a qualified plumber.Shower - No evidence of shower pan leak:No evidence of a current shower pan leak were visible at the time of the inspection for the shower(s). It is pointed out, our shower inspection is limited to a visual inspection and we did not perform a shower pan leak test. It is recommended that a plumber be contacted to perform a shower pan leak test to determine if any water is leaking past the shower pan. Master bathroom, south guest bathroom Tub Trap - No access : The piping at the trap area behind the tub was not visible for inspection due to a lack of access.
Plumbing Systems. The plumbing facilities, lavatories and janitor closets shall not be used for any other purposes than for which they are constructed, respectively, and no rubbish, rags, sweeping, and/or any other harmful damaging or foreign substance of any kind shall be thrown in them, and the expense or any breakage, stoppage, or damage resulting from a violation of this provision shall be borne by Tenant.
Plumbing Systems. ☒ ☐ ☐ ☒ A. Plumbing Supply, Distribution Systems, and FixturesLocation of Water Meter: Front Exterior Location of Main Water Supply Valve : Garage Static Water Pressure Reading: 60 PSISupply Line Material: CPVCComments:About Pluming Systems:The plumbing system of a home includes water supply, plumbing drains, plumbing vents and fixtures. Much of the plumbing system is not accessible as it is hidden behind walls or other obstructions.Though some conditions can be discovered by a visible inspection, there may be some underlying hazardous or damaging conditions that are hidden from view. Drainage is visually inspected for functional drainage. No additional testing is done to determine exact condition of drains or water supply. Inspector does not operate any shutoff valves or sump pumps. Inspector is not required to inspect numerous other systems such as swimming pools, sprinkler systems, water wells, filter systems, fire sprinklers or backflow devices. Functionality of clothes drains, floor drains and freestanding appliances is not tested. Water volume, potability or quality is not tested. Water testing should only be done by qualified professionals in this field. Any deficiencies found could be an indication of a more serious condition. We recommend further evaluation by a qualified professional for further evaluation and diagnosis if there are concerns. Missing Access Panels:There were missing access panels for the bath tub(s). Interior plumbing of the tub(s) were not inspected. Both tubsNo Shower Pan Testing:No specialized shower pan testing or inspection was performed.