Second Floor Sample Clauses

Second Floor. (a) The Subleased Premises do not include any portion of the second (2nd) floor of the Building (“Second Floor”). Attached hereto as Exhibit A-1, is a floor plan of the Second Floor, divided into eight (8) quadrants, each of approximately 5,000 rentable square feet (each, a “Quadrant”). Sublandlord shall not construct a barrier restricting Subtenant’s access to the Second Floor, and while Subtenant and Subtenant’s employees shall have the right to walk through the Second Floor and to the extent necessary to perform maintenance or repairs, Subtenant shall have no right to use any portion of the Second Floor for any other purpose whatsoever (including, without limitation, for meetings, storage of personal property or materials, as a “break” or “lunch” area, or otherwise).
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Second Floor. Subject to delays caused by events of Force Majeure as provided in the Lease, and within sixty (60) days (subject to receipt of all required governmental permits and approvals) of receipt from Tenant of final, approved plans and working drawings (the “Second Floor Plans”), Landlord agrees to build out the second floor portion of the Demised Premises in accordance with the Second Floor Plans. The Second Floor Plans shall include: A Reception Area which will have a glass exterior and entranceway, hardwood flooring, and be approximately 12 foot by 19 foot. A Large conference room approximately 19 foot by 22 foot with an overhead projector mounting as well as an electric projector screen. A Small conference room approximately 14 foot by 20 foot. Two Proposal Rooms each approximately 17 foot by 22 foot. A Server Room approximately 10 foot by 15 foot with at least 25,000 BTU of cooling, sufficient dedicated electrical outlets, both 110V and 220V, and tiled flooring. A Kitchen approximately 14 foot by 20 foot, with tiled floors, base and overhead cabinets, counter top, a sink, a dishwasher, an ice maker, a stove, a microwave and full size refrigerator, as well as sufficient electrical power. A Copier Room approximately 14 by 20 foot with tiled floors, two dedicated 30 amp circuits, a closet, and built in counter tops on one wall. The aforementioned room dimensions are subject to the actual configuration of the Demised Premises and thus may change, once the Second Floor Plans have been prepared. In addition, within ninety (90) days after substantial completion of the build-out of the second floor pursuant to the approved Second Floor Plans, Landlord agrees to repaint and re-carpet the second floor portion of the Demised Premises.
Second Floor. Landlord shall tender possession of the Second Floor to ------------ Tenant for the purposes of commencing work on the Tenant Improvements related to the Second Floor on the Second Floor Availability Date, which shall be no sooner than October 31, 2000 (unless otherwise agreed by Landlord and Tenant). The Second Floor Availability Date shall not be deemed to have occurred until Tenant is actually given unencumbered access to the Second Floor to construct tenant improvements (regardless of whether or not Tenant has a tenant improvement permit). Landlord shall use its best reasonable efforts provide Tenant with five (5) months' prior written notice of the actual Second Floor Availability Date, which Landlord currently estimates will be January 1, 2001. Landlord shall also provide Tenant with written notice of any change in the estimated Second Floor Availability Date set forth in Section 1(b). Except as otherwise provided in this Section 4(b), if Landlord is unable to deliver possession of the Second Floor as provided herein for any reason, Landlord shall not be subject to any liability for the failure to deliver possession but in such event Tenant shall not be liable for any Rent related to the Second Floor until Landlord tenders possession of the Second Floor to Tenant and the provisions of Section 3(a) relating to the Second Floor have been satisfied. No such failure to deliver possession as provided herein shall in any other respect affect the validity of this Lease or the obligation of Tenant hereunder; provided, however, subject to delays caused by an event of force majeure (as defined in Section 31 and specifically including, without limitation, delays in Landlord's completion of the Five Newport Building for reasons beyond the control of Landlord) or delays caused by construction related changes requested by a tenant of the Five Newport Building, if the Second Floor is not available to Tenant to commence construction of the Tenant Improvements by May 1, 2001, and at such time Tenant actually occupies all of the Third Floor and all of the space Tenant subleases (if any) from Attachmate in the Four Newport Building, then per diem liquidated damages payable by Landlord shall accrue in favor of Tenant in the amount of one day of free Basic Rent with respect to the Second Floor for each day which damages shall continue until the actual Second Floor Availability Date. Notwithstanding anything in this Lease to the contrary, the parties agree that the actual...
Second Floor. The second floor has 5 counselling rooms. This floor also has one large training room and Trust office space. Central to all rooms are two unisex toilets. Room 27 is only available for hire in peak times. The second floor will be prioritised for the Programmes Team’s work at the Trust, including the Student Placement Service. Room 21: 170sqft Room 22: 134sqft Room 23: 426.5sqft Room 24: 70sqft Room 25: 118sqft Room 26: 96sqft Room 27 (peak time counselling room): 130sqft
Second Floor. In the locations shown on the attached a. One (1) Conference Room--(12 Ft. x 20 Ft.) Finished to Building Standards In the locations shown on the attached b. Two (2) Offices--(10 Ft. x 12 Ft.) Finished to Building Standards c. Industrial Grade Carpeting. d. Fluorescence Lighting.
Second Floor. The second (2nd) floor of the Subject Building (the “Second Floor Subleased Premises” or “Second Floor”) consisting of approximately 30,385 rentable square feet of office space as outlined on the Space Plan and generally referred to therein as Areas A, A-1, B, C, together with approximately 4,990 rentable square feet of warehouse space generally referred to in the Space Plan as Area D, for an aggregate of 35,375 rentable square feet of office and warehouse space combined. Areas E, F, and G, containing the mechanical room, the electrical closet, and certain space otherwise referred to as warehouse space, are excluded from the rentable area of the Second Floor.
Second Floor. Tenant acknowledges that there are presently three (3) control areas (“Second Floor Control Areas”) on the Second Floor of the Building. Presently, one (1) Second Floor Control Area is assigned to Praecis Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, who occupies the West Wing of the Second Floor, and the remaining two (2) Second Floor Control Areas shall be shared by all tenants (including Tenant hereunder) occupying the South and East Wings of the Second Floor. Tenant shall be entitled to maintain Tenant’s Proportionate Share of Hazardous Materials of the remaining Second Floor Control Areas, which shall mean 100.00%, which is a fraction, the numerator of which shall be 38,511 rentable square feet (representing Tenant’s Second Floor Premises) and the denominator of which shall be 38,511 rentable square feet (representing the total rentable area of the South and East Wings of the Second Floor).
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Second Floor. Subject to a lease of 150 years from 2020 and subject to a ground rent of £150 per annum. This rent is to be increase by £25, after every 25th year. Total rental income - £12,300 per annum, rising to £13,500 per annum from February 2023. Tenure Freehold – subject to the current occupational leases. Price £210,000 Property Misdescriptions Act: DURLINGS for themselves and for the vendors or lessors of this property whose agents they are, give notice that:
Second Floor. (i) Full demolition of the fitness centre to base building is required. The ceiling grid shall be discussed between the parties.
Second Floor. Tenant’s identifying signage shall be provided by Landlord, at Tenant’s cost, and such signage on its entry door to the premises on the second floor of the Building shall be comparable to that used by Landlord for other similar floors in the Building and shall comply with Landlord’s then-current Building standard signage program.
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