Benefit Amount definition

Benefit Amount shall have the meaning set forth in Section 20.12 hereof.
Benefit Amount shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.6(d) hereof.
Benefit Amount means benefits an individual is entitled to receive for one benefit period of total unemployment.

Examples of Benefit Amount in a sentence

  • If the reattachment fails and amputation becomes necessary, then We will not pay an additional Benefit Amount for such amputation.

  • The Benefit Amount is subject to the Coinsurance Percentage, Out of Network Percentage and Maximum Benefit Amount as shown in Section IV-C of the Schedule of Benefits.

  • It is agreed that the policy is amended to include the following: Section I, Insurance, of the Contract is amended to include the following: Accident Medical Expense We will reimburse up to the Maximum Benefit Amount for Accident Medical Expenses if Accidental Bodily Injury causes an Insured Person to first incur Medical Expenses for care and treatment of the Accidental Bodily Injury within 90 days after an Accident.

  • The Benefit Amount for covered Loss of Life will be paid to the beneficiary designated by an Insured Person.

  • The Benefit Amount for Accident Medical Expense is payable only for Medical Expenses incurred within 104 weeks after the date of the Accident causing the Accidental Bodily Injury.

More Definitions of Benefit Amount

Benefit Amount has the meaning specified in Section 10.12(f).
Benefit Amount means the Benefit Amount shown in the Policy Schedule against the relevant category of loss.
Benefit Amount means the amount stated in the Schedule of Benefits for this policy which applies:
Benefit Amount means the insurance benefits provided in the policy and is the amount of insurance issued as shown on the Schedule.
Benefit Amount means the highest amount payable under the Scale of Benefit applicable at the time of accident.
Benefit Amount means and refers to the amount to be paid to each Participating Claimant under the terms of this Agreement.
Benefit Amount means the amount we will pay under this settlement option due to Terminal Illness. We will compute it as of the Option Date. It will be based on the percentage of the Convertible Proceeds you elect to place under the option, and will be reduced by the discount percentage applicable to the policy on the Option Date. Such discount percentage will be determined by us and may be changed by us from time to time, but shall never exceed any maximum imposed by applicable law or regulation.