Property Used Sample Clauses

Property Used. Applicant shall be entitled to use the following-described City property at the times and on the dates set forth below: Property: XXXXXXXX XXXX GARDEN (“Property”) Hours of Use: from to Days of Use: from through Estimated Group Size: Locates Needed: Yes No (if stakes will be put into the ground)
Property Used. Applicant shall be entitled to use the following-described City property at the times and on the dates set forth below: Property: (“Property”) Hours of Use: a.m./p.m. – a.m./p.m. Days of Use: from through Estimated Group Size:
Property Used. In producing and carrying on the businesses of the Newspapers under this Agreement, the LLC shall print such Newspapers and conduct all operations under this Agreement, except the operations of the news and editorial departments of the two Newspapers, with the LLC's equipment and from the LLC's plant or plants, or from the plant or plants of independent contractors selected by the LLC. The LLC may also utilize the Licenses granted to it to the extent necessary to carry on the activities of the LLC pursuant to this Agreement.
Property Used. The Transferred Assets and the Excluded Assets constitute all of the assets reasonably necessary to operate the Station in the manner in which it is currently being operated. No person or entity other than Seller has any interest in any of the property used in the operation of the Station, except as set forth in one of the Schedules to this Agreement.
Property Used. With the exception of the leased vehicles and equipment referenced in Section 6.7 of this Agreement and as otherwise specified in this Agreement, all of the property that is primarily dedicated to or used by Black Mountain is included in the assets as reflected in the financial statements set forth in Schedule 4.5. Except for rights arising under existing contracts as of December 31, 2001, the assets and leased vehicles and equipment constitute all of the property necessary for the conduct of Black Mountain’s operations as currently conducted. All of the material items of tangible personal property included in the assets and the leased vehicles and equipment referenced in Section 6.7 are in good operating condition and repair, subject to normal wear and tear.

Related to Property Used

  • Property Use The Property shall be used only for multifamily apartments, and for no other use without the prior written consent of Lender, which consent may be withheld in Lender's discretion.

  • Property and Equipment (a) The Company has good and valid title to, or in the case of leased property has valid leasehold interests in, all property and assets (whether real or personal, tangible or intangible) reflected on the Balance Sheet or acquired after the Balance Sheet Date. None of such properties or assets is subject to any Liens, except:

  • Personal Property The Company has delivered to IES an accurate list (which is set forth on Schedule 5.14) of (x) all personal property material to the operations of the Company included in "plant, property and equipment" on the balance sheet of the Company, (y) all other personal property owned by the Company with an individual value in excess of $2,500 (i) as of the Balance Sheet Date and (ii) acquired since the Balance Sheet Date and (z) all material leases and agreements in respect of personal property, including, in the case of each of (x), (y) and (z), (1) true, complete and correct copies of all such leases and (2) an indication as to which assets are currently owned, or were formerly owned, by Stockholders, relatives of Stockholders, or Affiliates of the Company. Except as set forth on Schedule 5.14, (i) all personal property material to, and used by, the Company in its business is either owned by the Company or leased by the Company pursuant to a lease included on Schedule 5.14, (ii) all of the personal property listed on Schedule 5.14 or replacement property thereof is in working order and condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted and (iii) all leases and agreements included on Schedule 5.14 are in full force and effect and constitute valid and binding agreements of the parties (and their successors) thereto in accordance with their respective terms.

  • Real Property; Personal Property Neither the Company nor any Subsidiary owns any real property or holds any real property lease. The Company and its Subsidiaries have good title to all personal property, if any, owned by them, in each case, free and clear of all liens, security interests, pledges, charges, encumbrances, mortgages and defects, except as are disclosed in the Registration Statement, the General Disclosure Package and the Prospectus or as would not be reasonably expected to result, individually or in the aggregate, in a Material Adverse Effect.

  • Property Locations The Inventory, Equipment and Fixtures of each Grantor are located solely at the locations of such Grantor described in Exhibit A. All of said locations are owned by such Grantor except for locations (i) which are leased by such Grantor as lessee and designated in Part B of Exhibit A and (ii) at which Inventory is held in a public warehouse or is otherwise held by a bailee or on consignment by such Grantor as designated in Part C of Exhibit A, with respect to which Inventory such Grantor has delivered bailment agreements, warehouse receipts, financing statements or other documents satisfactory to the Administrative Agent to protect the Administrative Agent’s and the Holders of Secured Obligations’ security interest in such Inventory.

  • Real Property Matters The Company does not own any real property as of the date hereof and has not owned any real property during the three years preceding the date hereof.

  • Access to Property, Property’s Management, Property Lender, and Property Tenants Potential Investor agrees to not seek to gain access to any non-public areas of the Property or communicate with Property’s management employees, the holder of any financing encumbering the Property, the Property’s tenants, and the Owner’s partners in the ownership of the Property, without the prior consent of Owner or HFF, which consent may be withheld in the Owner’s sole discretion.

  • Property Matters (1) The Transaction Entities or the Subsidiaries have good and marketable title (either in fee simple or pursuant to a leasehold interest) to all of the properties owned or leased by them (the “Properties”), in each case, free and clear of all Liens except such as (i) are disclosed in the Prospectus; or (ii) would not reasonably be expected to have, individually or in the aggregate, a Material Adverse Effect. Any real property, improvements, equipment and personal property held under lease by the Company or any Subsidiary are held under valid, existing and enforceable leases which are in full force and effect, and none of the Company, Operating Partnership nor any Subsidiary or, to any Transaction Entity’s knowledge, any other party, is in default under any such lease, with such exceptions as are disclosed in the Prospectus or would not reasonably be expected to have, individually or in the aggregate, a Material Adverse Effect;