Cancellations Sample Clauses

Cancellations. City may, at its sole discretion, and with or without notice, postpone or cancel the exercise by Permittee of the permit granted hereby for causes beyond City’s control. Such causes shall include, without limitation, the laws, regulations, acts, demands, or interpositions of any Federal, State or Local Government Agency, acts of God, fire, flood, weather, or any other cause beyond City’s control whether similar or dissimilar to the foregoing.
Cancellations. If a classroom event is cancelled, the value of that cancelled classroom event within the Individual Order for that classroom event will not be counted in the calculation of the Commitment Value. In the event the Customer cancels, any cancellation fees charged to the Customer will not be counted in the calculation of the Commitment Value.
Cancellations. 8. An application may be cancelled subject to the following penalties. Date of Cancellation Deposit Refund Cancellation prior to Notification Of Room Assignment by email Applicant receives full deposit refund and is released from contract Cancellation within 7 days of Notification Of Room Assignment by email Applicant is charged $200 administrative fee and is released from contract Cancellation after 7 days of receiving Notification Of Room Assignment by email Applicant receives no refund of deposit. Applicant remains in contract, (unless not registered at University of Windsor)
Cancellations. If a Sector Vessel is selected for ASM Coverage 4 and must cancel their trip, the Vessel will be automatically 5 selected for ASM Coverage on their next notified trip, or the 6 next time an ASM is available for coverage. 7
Cancellations. The Judiciary reserves the right to cancel this RFP, accept or reject any and all proposals, in whole or in part, received in response to this RFP, to waive or permit cure of minor irregularities, and to conduct discussions with all qualified or potentially qualified Offerors in any manner necessary to serve the best interests of the Judiciary. The Judiciary also reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to award a Contract based upon the written proposals received without prior discussions or negotiations.
Cancellations. A forfeit of the security deposit per area will occur when cancellation is not given at least 30 days prior to the event for each hall or area rented.
Cancellations. (a) Either party may cancel this Agreement without obligation to the other if cancellation notice is received in written form at least 30 days before appearance date.
Cancellations. Full refund of deposit given only if written notification is received on or before January 8, 2018. Cancellations received after January 8, 2018 will forfeit the deposit. AGA & SNGA will make best effort to fill vacancy to permit a refund.