Security Devices definition

Security Devices means a security device, including a card, token, code, pass key, password, pass phrase, identification number, certificate, test key, and other security codes and devices;
Security Devices means all access IDs, PINs, passwords or other forms of electronic identification and other codes or access procedures issued by the Bank or any other party designated by the Bank in order to enable access to any services in connection with the Card.
Security Devices means locks, gates, doors, bars, fences, screens, ceilings, floors, walls, and barriers used to confine and control detained persons. Also included are electronic monitoring equipment, security alarm systems, security light units, auxiliary power supplies, and other equipment used to maintain facility security.

Examples of Security Devices in a sentence

  • Government Code §551.089 – Discussions Regarding Security Devices or Audits.

More Definitions of Security Devices

Security Devices means one or more user identification codes, digital certificates, passwords, authentication codes, or such other information or devices (electronic or otherwise) as may be provided or specified to you, to enable your access to the Electronic Trading Services;
Security Devices means any device we have supplied to you which will generate a one time password or number that you can use to verify an instruction to us to make a payment, set up a standing order or to perform some other task.
Security Devices means those security devices (or a combination of them) (as may be amended by the Bank from time to time) required for access to the Services and currently including the 365 PIN, Security Code, User ID and Customer password information.
Security Devices shall have the meaning provided in the Master Agreement and shall include but not be limited to any Security Procedures and Security Devices used to access the RDC Account and to use the Remote Deposit Capture Service.
Security Devices means components and equipment designed for loss prevention and reduction, and systems formed from such elements.
Security Devices means any user ID, passwords and/or any tokens or other similar physical devices required to access the Website or Site.
Security Devices means each, any and/or all electronic keys, logon identifiers, passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), electronic devices, smartcards and other codes and access procedures issued by the Bank or by any other party designated by the Bank from time to time to you (or your Authorised Users) to enable you to access and/or use the Internet Banking Service.