Damage or Loss Sample Clauses

Damage or Loss. 3.1 All laptops and batteries are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects and normal use of the laptop. It does not cover negligence, abuse, malicious or accidental damage.(e.g cracked LCD screens are not covered under warranty)
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Damage or Loss. I am responsible for any costs incurred due to loss or damage of equipment as determined by the school. I understand that if I violate the above, I may not be permitted to checkout school equipment in the future and may be billed for any costs incurred by the school.
Damage or Loss. I understand and agree that I may be charged for damage to property of the University or its partners.
Damage or Loss. Should loss or damage occur to the Lender’s work of art, the Borrower must inform the Lender immediately after the accident has occurred or as soon as the loss is noticed by telephone or email, followed by a written report accompanied by photographs within 24 hours, to be sent by registered express mail. Should any incident occur with regard to the Lender’s work of art, whether or not damage is apparent, the event must be reported immediately to the Lender. Any costs arising from damage or loss to the object and not covered by the insurer shall be borne by the Borrower. Works of art may not be subjected to any form of conservation treatment, scientific examination or alteration to glazing or framing without the approval of the Lender’s representative. Vypožičiavateľ je povinný oznámiť požičiavateľovi bezodkladne každú zmenu, ohrozenie, poškodenie alebo stratu zbierkových predmetov telefonicky alebo faxom, následne odošle doporučene písomnú správu s priloženými fotografiami do 24 hodín. Vypožičiavateľ zodpovedá za všetky škody, ktoré vznikli na zbierkových predmetoch. Ak dôjde k poškodeniu alebo znehodnoteniu zbierkových predmetov, uhradí vypožičiavateľ škodu v rozsahu určenom požičiavateľom. Akákoľvek manipulácia so zbierkovými predmetmi ( reštaurátorské práce, vedecké skúmanie či čistenie diel) musí byť odsúhlasené vypožičiavateľom.
Damage or Loss. Owner assumes no liability for the loss, damage or return of any items of personal property brought onto the premises by Licensee, or any of its guests. Licensee assumes all liability and risk of loss for any loss or damage to items of personal property brought onto premises by any member of said Licensee, or any of its guests. Owner assumes no liability for the loss or damage of vehicles parked in the Church/School/other Diocesan entity/Facility parking lot by Licensee, or any of its guests.
Damage or Loss. The Student is responsible for costs incurred due to loss or damage of equipment as determined by the school. Student violations of the above agreement may result in restriction to check out additional equipment as well as fines for damaged equipment.
Damage or Loss. Honeywell shall not be liable for damage to or loss of equipment and software after delivery to destination determined by this Agreement or any applicable prime contract. If thereafter, and prior to payment in full to Honeywell by Buyer, any such equipment or software is damaged or destroyed by any cause whatsoever, other than by the fault of Honeywell, the Buyer agrees promptly to pay or reimburse Honeywell for such loss.
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Damage or Loss. 1. Any damage or loss to athletic fields or park equipment is the responsibility of the permittee. The permittee shall be liable for costs associated with call-outs of public workers and officials and restoring and/or replacing any damages or losses.
Damage or Loss. Renter acknowledges receiving the Equipment in good condition, except as follows: Renter will return the Equipment to Owner in good condition except as noted above. If the Equipment is damaged while in Renter’s possession, Renter will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement, up to the current value of the Equipment. If the Equipment is lost while in Renter’s possession, Renter will pay Owner it current value.
Damage or Loss. In the event that Section 16.2 of the ANPP Participation Agreement (as in effect on the date hereof) shall become applicable, or an Event of Loss, a Requisition of Use or a Requisition of Title shall occur, or Unit 1 or any substantial part thereof shall suffer destruction, damage, loss, condemn nation, confiscation, theft or seizure for any reason whatsoever, such fact shall promptly, and in any case within five Business Days following such event, be reported by the Lessee to the Lessor and the Owner Participant.
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