Remove Sample Clauses

Remove. 18.24 This premium shall not be included in wage payments for paid absence from duty, or for any time for which an employee is receiving a rate of pay which, exclusive of tour differentials, is higher than his basic rate of pay.
Remove. Remove the Solar Facility to at least four feet below grade, including the Site Improvements and Infrastructure owned by Tenant and solar panels owned by third parties. Tenant shall restore the Leased Premises to a condition that allows the Leased Premises to be used as biosolids remediation site. Tenant shall fill in all excavations; reseed any disturbed soil surface with suitable flora as determined by Landlord; and complete all filling, leveling, terracing, seeding, mulching, and other reasonably necessary steps to reduce the likelihood of soil erosion, to promote the establishment of suitable grasses and flora, and to deter noxious weeds and pests. Such removal shall be completed within twelve (12) months following the expiration of the full Term of this Agreement, during which time Tenant shall be subject to all terms and conditions in this Lease with respect to access and said removal as if still a tenant.
Remove. A Regular Part-Time employee shall be scheduled a minimum of 15 hours per week, in increments of not less than one-half tour, except in situations where the DirectorIndustrial Relations and the appropriate Vice-President of the Union or their delegate agree that a number of employees are surplus. Additional Straight Time
Remove. Remove the Solar Farm, including the Site Improvements and Infrastructure owned by Tenant and solar panels owned by third parties. Such removal shall be completed within six (6) months following the expiration of the full term of this Agreement, during which time Tenant shall be subject to all terms and conditions in this Lease with respect to access and said removal as if still a tenant.
Remove. If concussion is suspected immediately remove the individual from play and do not allow to return. Players with any symptoms following a head injury must be removed from playing or training and must not return to activity until all symptoms have cleared. Specifically, they must not return to play on the day of any suspected concussion. The player should be monitored over the next 24-48 hours for any of the danger signs (listed above) and if any symptoms or signs that develop, or if there is an overall deterioration, then immediate medical help should be sought.
Remove. To remove any change requests assigned to the batch, select Remove. This will un-assign the request from the batch, leaving it as an un-marked request.

Related to Remove

  • Removal Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement to the contrary, the Bank shall not distribute any benefit under this Agreement if the Executive is subject to a final removal or prohibition order issued by an appropriate federal banking agency pursuant to Section 8(e) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act.

  • Clean Up Debris shall be removed from the Premises. The Site shall be in order at all times when work is not actually being performed and shall be maintained in a reasonably clean condition.

  • Communications Equipment Members of the board of directors or any committee thereof may participate in and act at any meeting of such board or committee through the use of a conference telephone or other communications equipment by means of which all persons participating in the meeting can hear each other, and participation in the meeting pursuant to this section shall constitute presence in person at the meeting.

  • Rubbish All refuse, accumulation of paper, excelsior, rags, wooden boxes and containers, sweep-ups and all other accumulations of a nature other than Garbage and Yard Trimmings, resulting from the normal activities of a Service Unit. Rubbish must be generated at the Service Unit from which the Rubbish is collected. Rubbish does not include items defined as Exempt Waste.

  • Removal of Equipment Subject, always, to the other terms and provisions of this Fee Agreement, the Company and any Sponsor Affiliates shall be entitled to remove and dispose of components of the Project from the Project in its sole discretion with the result that said components shall no longer be considered a part of the Project and, to the extent such constitute Economic Development Property, shall no longer be subject to the terms of this Fee Agreement. Economic Development Property is disposed of only when it is scrapped or sold or removed from the Project. If it is removed from the Project, it is subject to ad valorem property taxes to the extent the Property remains in the State and is otherwise subject to ad valorem property taxes.

  • Exterior and interior functional areas and spaces of the Project, with technical and equipment requirements on each;

  • Signage Tenant will have the right to place any and all interior signage of its own design and selection within the Premises, subject to Landlord’s prior approval (which shall not be unreasonably withheld). Tenant will also have the right to place its name on any monument signage that Landlord erects for the Building, in a style satisfactory to Landlord and Tenant and of a scale and visibility of equal or greater prominence than any other Building tenant. For so long as Tenant leases and occupies the entire Building, Tenant shall have the right to have its name placed on the exterior of the Building (the “Building Sign”). Tenant shall make certain that the Building Sign is at all times in compliance with all applicable laws, and shall also be subject to the approval of Landlord with respect to size, location, design and content, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Tenant may not modify the size, design or content of the Building Sign without the prior written approval of Landlord which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. The costs associated with obtaining the necessary governmental approvals and permitting, and for designing, producing, installing, maintaining and removing the Building Sign shall be borne by Tenant. Tenant shall bear the cost of illuminating the Building Sign and all costs of operating and maintaining said illumination (including bulbs and ballasts) (“Lighting Costs”). If any Lighting Cost is invoiced to Landlord, such cost shall become additional Rent due from Tenant upon invoice therefore from Landlord. Upon the expiration or termination of this Lease, termination of Tenant’s right of possession of the Premises or termination of Tenant’s right to maintain the Building Sign provided in this section, Tenant (at its expense but performed by a contractor selected by Landlord) shall remove such Building signage, and shall repair and restore any damage caused by such removal.

  • Removal for Cause The Administrator will, if any of the following events occurs and is continuing, remove the Owner Trustee and terminate its rights and obligations under this Agreement by notifying the Owner Trustee: