Windows Sample Clauses

Windows. Windows in the Premises shall not be covered or obstructed by Lessee. No bottles, parcels or other articles shall be placed on the windowsills, in the halls, or in any other part of the Building other than the Premises. No article shall be thrown out of the doors or windows of the Premises.
Windows a. Front and rear windshield per California Vehicle Code § 26710.
Windows. Residents are prohibited from placing or suspending items out of windows (such as banners, clothing, signs, etc.). Residents are prohibited from throwing objects outside of any windows. The removal of a screen from a resident’s room or in public areas of on-campus housing is prohibited. Opening security screens is prohibited, except in an emergency.
Windows. If at any time any windows of the Premises are temporarily closed, darkened or covered over by reason of repairs, maintenance, alterations or improvements to the Building, or any of such windows are permanently closed, darkened or covered over due to any Requirement, Landlord shall not be liable for any damage Tenant may sustain and Tenant shall not be entitled to any compensation or abatement of any Rent, nor shall the same release Tenant from its obligations hereunder or constitute an actual or constructive eviction.
Windows. Provide window openings around at least two sides of the perimeter of the Leased premises, on each floor at grade level. At least 15% of the wall surface on each level of the 3 sides shall be glazing to admit natural light. Wherever and whenever possible windows should be able to open to admit fresh air, and equipped with storm windows and screens.
Windows. Tenant shall observe Landlord’s reasonable, non-discriminatory, written rules with respect to maintaining uniform drapes at all windows in the Premises so that the Building presents a uniform exterior appearance, and shall not install any window shades, screens, drapes, covers or other materials on or at any window in the Premises without Landlord’s prior written consent, which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
Windows. Includes all interior glass and windows, glass partitions inside and outside, trophy/display cases, directory boards, wall mirrors, door windows, doors and adjacent trim, including escalator glass (if applicable). After interior glass and windows have been cleaned there shall be no traces of film, dirt, smudges and water spots or other foreign matter left on the windows and xxxxx. Includes all exterior glass and windows; after exterior glass and windows have been cleaned, exterior frames and interior frames, casing xxxxx and glass shall be free of all traces of film, dirt, smudges and water spots or other foreign matter.
Windows. Lessee shall not allow windows within Lessee's office space to be opened at any time, except in emergencies. Nothing shall be thrown out of the windows of the building or down the stairwells or other passages. Lessor reserves the right to cause any or all windows of the building to be locked, sealed, closed, or otherwise made inoperable, or to install permanent or temporary screens thereon, and to include the cost thereof with the operating expenses of the building.
Windows. To clean the windows in the Premises as often as may be necessary and practicable (in the case of windows that are not readily accessible once in every six months).
Windows. For one (1) year after the Date of Warranty, Seller will repair or replace any windows or window sashes that become inoperable, or that lose their seal between the double panes, so long as the problem requiring repair or replacement was not caused by Buyer’s misuse or damage or damage caused by others. The window manufacturer provides a warranty.