Debt to Sample Clauses

Debt to. EBITDA ratio The ratio of Debt to EBITDA on a trailing twelve (12) month’s basis shall not at any time exceed 5.5:1.
Debt to. Capitalization Ratio — a Debt to Capitalization Ratio of not greater than 35% at all times; and
Debt to. CAPITALIZATION RATIO - a Debt to Capitalization Ratio at the end of each fiscal quarter of not greater than 35%.
Debt to. CAPITALIZATION -- Borrower will not suffer or permit as at the end of each fiscal quarter of Borrower the ratio of its funded indebtedness to its funded indebtedness plus its net worth to exceed sixty percent (60%). For purposes of this subsection, revolving loans shall constitute funded indebtedness.
Debt to. Tangible Net Worth Ratio is defined as Borrower’s total liabilities over Borrower’s Tangible Net Worth. Tangible Net Worth is defined as the value of Borrower’s total assets (including leaseholds and reserves against assets, but excluding goodwill, patents, trademarks, trade names, organization expense, unamortized debt discount and expenses, capitalized or deferred research and development costs, deferred marketing expenses, and other like intangibles, and monies due from affiliates, officers, directors, employees, shareholders, members or managers of Borrower) less total liabilities, including but not limited to accrued and deferred income taxes, but excluding any and all debt that is subordinated to Lender.
Debt to. Earnings Ratio Section 8.10..................................................Leverage Ratio Section 8.11.................................
Debt to equity ratio means the ratio of total liabilities to total equity capital less goodwill.

Related to Debt to

  • Debt Issuance The Borrower shall promptly (and, in any event, within three (3) Business Days) upon the receipt by any Loan Party or any Subsidiary of the Net Cash Proceeds of any Debt Issuance, prepay the Loans in an aggregate amount equal to 100% of such Net Cash Proceeds. Any prepayment pursuant to this clause (iii) shall be applied as set forth in clause (iv) below.

  • Debt to EBITDA Ratio Maintain, as of the end of each fiscal quarter, a ratio of (i) Debt, excluding Debt in respect of Hedge Agreements, as of such date to (ii) Consolidated EBITDA of the Company and its Consolidated Subsidiaries for the period of four fiscal quarters most recently ended, of not greater than 4.0 to 1.0.

  • Senior Debt to EBITDA Ratio Not permit the Senior Debt to EBITDA Ratio to be greater than 5.10 to 1.00 as of the end of the Company’s fiscal quarter ending on or about March 31, 2005; such ratio to be determined in accordance with GAAP using the ratio of Senior Debt as of the end of such fiscal quarter to EBITDA for the period of four consecutive fiscal quarters of the Company then ending.

  • Evidence of Debt; Repayment of Loans (a) The Borrower hereby unconditionally promises to pay to the Administrative Agent for the account of each Lender (i) the principal amount of each Term Loan of such Lender as provided in Section 2.11 and (ii) the then unpaid principal amount of each Revolving Loan of such Lender on the Revolving Credit Maturity Date. The Borrower hereby promises to pay to the Swingline Lender the then unpaid principal amount of each Swingline Loan on the Revolving Credit Maturity Date.

  • Prepayment of Debt Make any prepayment (whether optional or mandatory), repurchase, redemption, defeasance or any other payment in respect of any Subordinated Debt, except to the extent permitted under the applicable Subordinated Debt Documents and, if one exists, the applicable Subordination Agreement.

  • Debt Ratio Permit the Debt Ratio at the last day of any fiscal quarter to be greater than the ratio set forth below opposite the fiscal quarter during which such fiscal quarter occurs: Fiscal Quarter Ending Ratio --------------------- ----- December 31, 1999 4.75 March 31, 2000 4.75 June 30, 2000 4.75 September 30, 2000 4.50 December 31, 2000 4.50 March 31, 2001 4.50 June 30, 2001 4.50 September 30, 2001 3.75 December 31, 2001 3.75 March 31, 2002 3.75 June 30, 2002 3.75 September 30, 2002 3.25 and thereafter

  • Notes; Repayment of Loans The Loans made by each Lender shall be evidenced by a Note, which was duly executed and delivered on behalf of the Borrower on December 18, 1998 and was dated December 18, 1998, payable to the order of such Lender in a principal amount equal to such Lender's Commitment. The outstanding principal balance of each Loan, as evidenced by each applicable Note, shall be payable on the last day of the Interest Period applicable to such Loan and on the Maturity Date, and shall bear interest from the date of the first Borrowing hereunder on the outstanding principal balance thereof as set forth in Section 2.07. Each Lender shall, and is hereby authorized by the Borrower to, endorse on the schedule attached to each Note delivered to such Lender (or on a continuation of such schedule attached to such Note and made a part thereof), or otherwise to record in such Lender's internal records, an appropriate notation evidencing the date and amount of each applicable Loan from such Lender, each payment and prepayment of principal of any such Loan, each payment of interest on any such Loan and the other information provided for on such schedule; PROVIDED, THAT, the failure of any Lender to make such a notation or any error therein shall not affect the obligation of the Borrower to repay the Loans made by such Lender in accordance with the terms of this Amended Agreement and the applicable Note.

  • Debt Due (a) If the LHIN requires the re-payment by the HSP of any Funding, the amount required will be deemed to be a debt owing to the Crown by the HSP. The LHIN may adjust future funding instalments to recover the amounts owed or may, at its discretion direct the HSP to pay the amount owing to the Crown and the HSP shall comply immediately with any such direction.

  • Funded Debt to EBITDA Ratio Maintain quarterly, measured as of the last day of each fiscal quarter, on a consolidated basis a ratio of Funded Debt to EBITDA not exceeding 3.50:1.00. This ratio will be calculated at the end of each reporting period for which this Agreement requires Borrower to deliver financial statements, using the results of the twelve month period ending with that reporting period.

  • Refinancing Debt Borrowed Money that is the result of an extension, renewal or refinancing of Debt permitted under Section 10.2.1(b), (d) or (f).