Relocation Sample Clauses

Relocation. World Omni shall give WOAR at least 60 days’ prior written notice of any relocation of its principal executive office or jurisdiction of formation if, as a result of such relocation, the applicable provisions of the UCC would require the filing of any amendment of any previously filed financing or continuation statement or of any new financing statement and shall promptly file any such amendment or new financing statement.
Relocation. Landlord, at any time (but not more than once during the initial Term), after giving notice, may move Tenant to other space in the Building comparable in size, utility and configuration to the Premises. In such event, all terms hereof shall apply to the new space, except that Base Rent and (except to the extent of the percentage, if any, by which the rentable square footage of the building in which the new space is located is less than the rentable square footage of the Building) Tenant’s Share shall not increase as a result of such relocation. Landlord, at its expense, shall provide Tenant with tenant improvements in the new space at least equal in quality to those in the Premises. Landlord shall reimburse Tenant for Tenant’s reasonable moving, re-cabling and stationery-replacement costs. The parties shall execute a written agreement prepared by Landlord memorializing the relocation.
Relocation. It is understood that the Apartment may contain other bedrooms in which other residents may reside. If the Apartment consists of more than one bedroom, we have the right, when any bedroom within the Apartment is unoccupied, to place a new resident in the unoccupied bedroom unless you and all other residents in the Apartment agree to pay us, as part of your respective Rent, the Rent due for such unoccupied bedroom. For purposes of operating efficiency, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, upon 5 days advance written notice to relocate you to another apartment unit in the Community. In the event of an emergency, as determined by us, we may relocate you upon less than 5 days' notice. The fact that you and the other residents of the Apartment may be in conflict with each other will not be grounds to terminate the Lease. We are not liable if another resident in the Apartment was untruthful on any written documentation. If you request to be relocated and we are able to accommodate your request, a fee of $200.00 will be required to be paid in advance of any relocation. Our consent to one or more relocations will not be a waiver of any right to consent to any future relocation.
Relocation. Landlord, at its expense, at any time before or during the Term, may relocate Tenant from the Premises to space of reasonably comparable size and utility (“Relocation Space”) within the Building or adjacent buildings within the same project upon 60 days’ prior written notice to Tenant. From and after the date of the relocation, the Base Rent and Tenant’s Pro Rata Share shall be adjusted based on the rentable square footage of the Relocation Space. Landlord shall pay Tenant’s reasonable costs of relocation, including all costs for moving Tenant’s furniture, equipment, supplies and other personal property, as well as the cost of printing and distributing change of address notices to Tenant’s customers and one month’s supply of stationery showing the new address.
Relocation. Owner reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to relocate Resident to another unit or exclusive bed space at the Community. If required by Owner to relocate, Resident will not be required to pay the Transfer Fee. Owner, to the extent practical and in Owner’s sole discretion, will honor Resident’s request for a particular unit. If Resident requests a transfer, and the transfer is approved by Owner, Resident will be required to pay a fee to transfer (“Transfer Fee”).
Relocation. Landlord shall have the right, at its expense and after 60 days prior notice to Tenant, to relocate the Roof Equipment to another site on the roof of the Building as long as such site reasonably meets Tenant’s sight line and interference requirements and does not unreasonably interfere with Tenant’s use and operation of the Roof Equipment.
Relocation. A change in Mr. Franklin's work location to a location more xxxx xxxxx (00) miles from the office where Mr. Franklin is located at the time of the Change xx Xxxxxxx, unless such new work location is within fifty (50) miles from Mr. Franklin's principal place of residence at the xxxx xx xxx Change in Control. The acceptance, if any, by Mr. Franklin of employment by the Company at a wxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx is outside the fifty mile radius set forth in this Paragraph 1.(n)(iv) shall not be a waiver of Mr. Franklin's right to refuse subsequent transfxx xx xxx Xxxxany to a location which is more than fifty (50) miles from Mr. Franklin's principal place of residence at txx xxxx xx xxx Change in Control, and such subsequent unconsented transfer shall be "Good Reason" under this Agreement; or
Relocation. (a) Employer to advise in writing of relocation As soon as practicable but no less than seven (7) days after a decision is made by the Employer to temporarily or permanently relocate an Affected Employee, the Employer will advise the Affected Employee in writing of the decision, the proposed timing of the relocation and any other alternatives available to the Affected Employee. In addition, the Employer will:
Relocation. At the option of the Executive at any time prior to a Change in Control and within two years of the Company first imposing a requirement without the consent of the Executive that the Executive be based at any location that increases the Executive’s regular commute fifty (50) miles or more.