To Defer definition

To Defer means to postpone all discussion on a matter until a future date or time, one which is established as part of the motion;

Examples of To Defer in a sentence

  • All applications DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYFederal Energy Regulatory Commission[Docket No. RP97–431–000] Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America; Notice of Motion To Defer Review MeetingJune 11, 2002.Take notice that on June 5, 2002, Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America (Natural) filed a motion to defer the meeting to be held in June 2002 to review Natural’s procedures for posting and allocating capacity in its system.

  • To Defer ConsiderationMajorityA substantive motion the considerationof which has been deferred expires [ 100] days thereafter unless a motion to revive consideration (Motion 14) is adopted.

  • Discussion at the request of Anna Gentile, Central Planning and Operations Officer, Student Transportation of Peel Region, re: Request to Adjust Bell Times – Cheyne Middle School – 236 Queen Mary Drive and Rowntree Public School 254 Queen Mary Drive (File G25SA); and, I a Verbal report at the request of Scott McLauchlan, Citizen Member, re: Ad Hoc Committee; and, To Defer: A 2.

  • Election To Defer In accordance with the provisions of the webMethods, Inc.

  • The motion must be made at the first reasonable opportunity or it is waived. To Suspend the Rules, the motion requires a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present. To Divide a Complex Motion and Consider it by Paragraph. To Defer Consideration.

  • Election To Defer Distribution: In order to defer distribution until the calendar year following the calendar year in which his or her retirement occurs, a Participant who is not a 5% owner who reaches Age 70 1/2in years after 1995 must make an election to defer by April 1st of the calendar year following the year in which he or she reached Age 70 1/2(or by December 31, 1997 in the case of a Participant who reached Age 70 1/2in 1996).

  • The approval date is assigned based on the IRB meeting date when the protocol was initially reviewed by the Board and the determination was made.3. To Defer: (substantial revisions are required or more information must be provided): The committee finds that the study has sufficient concerns or lack of documentation in several areas and minor revisions will not address those concerns.

  • In June of 2004, then M ayor Jennifer D ougherty4 and the Property Owners entered into a second agreement entitled “Agreement To Defer Public Improvements” (“the Deferral Agreement”).

  • Teleglobe does have peak and off-peak rates with several countries.Teleglobe as a net exporter of traffic is constantly negotiating to have accounting rates lowered to reflect productivity gains and regulatory-driven reductions in collection rates.a.2 The FCC and OFTEL ReviewsThe FCC’s proposed three-part reform is intended to be implemented very much within the system.

  • Under NEPA, the fact that the state agency may in the future require mitigation for the temperature violation does not excuse the USFS’s failure to fully review this during the NEPA process.

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  • Deferral means the amount or amounts of a Participant’s Compensation deferred under the provisions of Section 3.

  • Performance-Based Compensation means compensation qualifying as “performance-based compensation” under Section 162(m) of the Code.