Notice to Tenant Sample Clauses

Notice to Tenant. After notice is given to Tenant by Lender that the Landlord is in default under the Note and the Security Instrument and that the rentals under the Lease should be paid to Lender pursuant to the terms of the assignment of leases and rents executed and delivered by Landlord to Lender in connection therewith, Tenant shall thereafter pay to Lender or as directed by the Lender, all rentals and all other monies due or to become due to Landlord under the Lease and Landlord hereby expressly authorizes Tenant to make such payments to Lender and hereby releases and discharges Tenant from any liability to Landlord on account of any such payments.
Notice to Tenant. Landlord shall serve Tenant with notice if Landlord files, or has filed against it, a petition under chapters 7 or 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. Such notice shall be served within twenty-four (24) hours of such filing. Landlord shall, upon serving Tenant with any notice of (1) a bankruptcy fling as herein described, (2) default pursuant to the provisions of this Lease, or (3) a matter on which Landlord may predicate or claim a default, at the same time serve a copy of such notice upon every Leasehold Mortgagee that has provided Landlord with notice of its identity and address, and no such notice by Landlord to Tenant hereunder shall have been deemed duly given unless and until a copy thereof has been so served on every such Leasehold Mortgagee.
Notice to Tenant. After written notice is given to Tenant by Lender, that Borrower is in default under the Loan and that the rentals under the Lease are required to be paid to Lender pursuant to the terms of the Deed of Trust, Tenant shall thereafter pay to Lender all rent and all other sums due Borrower under the Lease.
Notice to Tenant. Except as otherwise provided in this Lease, any bill, statement, notice or communication which Landlord may desire or be required to give to Tenant, including any notice of termination, shall be in writing and shall be deemed sufficiently given or rendered if it is delivered to Tenant personally or sent by registered or certified mail addressed to Tenant at the Apartment, or left at said Apartment addressed to Tenant. The time of the rendition of such bill or statement, or the giving of such notice or communication, shall be deemed to be the time when the same is delivered to Tenant, mailed, or left at the premises as stated above.
Notice to Tenant. Execute and deliver to Purchaser a "Notice to Tenant" substantially in the form attached as Exhibit "E"; and
Notice to Tenant. Upon the occurrence of any Event of Default, Landlord shall give Tenant written notice thereof, specifying the Event of Default and the provisions of this Lease breached by Tenant and Tenant shall have the right to cure such Event of Default within the time periods, if any, hereinafter specified.
Notice to Tenant. A single form letter in the form of Exhibit H attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference which shall be sent by Buyer after Closing to the tenant under the Lease ("NOTICE TO TENANT").
Notice to Tenant. Any notice, demand, request or consent to be made by or required of Landlord, may be made and given by Landlord's Management Agent with the same force and effect as if made and given by Landlord.
Notice to Tenant. Unless otherwise specified in this Lease or required by applicable law, any notice from Owner to Tenant will be valid only if: (i) it is in writing, (ii) it is addressed to Tenant at the Premises and (iii) it is personally delivered to the Premises or sent by mail or e-mail. The effective date of a notice will be the day it is personally delivered to the Premises or, if it is mailed, two (2) business days after the date it is postmarked, or if e-mailed on the date it is sent.