Quality Assurance Testing Sample Clauses

Quality Assurance Testing. Conduct testing against specifications. Ensure that new development works as planned. Fix bugs and limit changes here to bugs, unless absolutely important. • Web Browser compatibility testing. Check to make sure that content is fully compatible with major Web browsers which include Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Lynx (text based browser). • Spell check. Make sure there are no spelling errors on the new content. Use Dreamweaver’s built-in link check tool or purchase a third party service such as NetMechanic. • Check for usability. Is the newly developed content understandable and intuitive? • Accessibility check. Check the content against the Accessibility checklist provided. Do the changes meet the requirements outlined in the checklist?
Quality Assurance Testing. 3.3.1 The following Quality Assurance (“QA”) Testing services are not included as Basic Services, however, the CM shall assist the A/E to provide such services when identified in the attached Scope of Construction Management Agreement labeled Exhibit #1.
Quality Assurance Testing. Impress shall, in consultation with DLM, continue to develop outgoing quality assurance testing procedures. Such procedures shall be subject to DLM audit on an annual basis. Impress shall be responsible for all such outgoing quality assurance testing of Products prior to delivery or shipment of the Products.
Quality Assurance Testing. The Supplier will provide the full contact details of its Quality Manager, or member of staff responsible for quality approval and processes no later than two (2) weeks after the effectiveness of the Purchase contract. A quality plan will be generated by the Supplier and this documentation will be made available to the Customer. The Plan should be based around the ‘Xxxx of Materials’ for the complete deliverable which shows the detail concerning the inspection and testing criteria of each individual part. The plan must also indicate details concerning the documented processes and quality control records that will be used and made available to the Customer. The Supplier will grant access to its work premises for the Customer to undertake periodic quality control inspections as required. These events will generally be associated with the completion of elements of the order where milestone payments are due and during testing and certification of product. The Supplier shall notify the Customer of such events providing a minimum of fourteen (14) calendar daysnotice.
Quality Assurance Testing. In our testing phase, we ensure that your website meets functionality, performance and security standards. Our QA team uses mock data to test navigation and interfaces of the templates, along with any custom developed applications or modules. Additionally, through a series of tests, we perform input validation to ensure that security mechanisms cannot be bypassed if anybody tampers with data he or she sends to the application, including HTTP requests, headers, query strings, cookies, and form fields. We also ensure that when errors do occur, they are processed in a secure manner to reduce or eliminate exposure of sensitive implementation information. Phase 7: Content Development / Content Migration Revize will develop all of the pages for your site to make the initial content available upon site deployment. Our content development and migration experts use the latest standard formatting practices to develop the navigation and create the most effective content possible for your website. This includes spelling and style corrections into the new website. There are no limits to the number of pages you can create after you have gone through training. Revize will implement an effective website architecture with the latest technology and usability trends so your website visitors can find information in an instant. We will also assess your current website content and incorporate what you currently have with additional content to maximize interest and excitement for your readers. Our content experts are educated in proper writing and terminology, and will use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Our web designers use creative typography which makes the website more visually appealing and also plays a role in defining the hierarchy of content to be placed on the web page. Variations in size and color are used, as well as strategic placement on the page to highlight certain site areas so the visitors can easily navigate the site. Effective typography also ensures that your website will look good on desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet devices.
Quality Assurance Testing. Adobe shall perform all Quality Assurance testing on the delivered and accepted Alpha Version, Beta Version and Release Candidate of the Modified Re:mark. Xxobe may, at its discretion, perform Quality Assurance testing on any intermediate release of the Modified Re:mark Xxxtware.
Quality Assurance Testing. Tiger shall be responsible for all quality assurance, functionality and compatibility testing required prior to the release of any Title to ensure that all Units of the Title developed by or on behalf of Tiger hereunder and/or manufactured by or on behalf of Tiger shall conform with all Documentation, the Design Specifications and shall be compatible with the Target Platform. BVG may, but shall have no obligation to, perform its own quality assurance, functionality and compatibility testing. To the extent that BVG shares the results of its testing with Tiger, such results shall be provided as a courtesy only, and Tiger shall not rely upon such results in lieu of Tiger's own testing. Tiger agrees to provide Target Platform hardware and periodic builds of the Title to enable BVG to perform such testing.
Quality Assurance Testing. AOL may, at its option, perform quality assurance testing on the Licensed Software.