Construction Management Plan definition

Construction Management Plan has the meaning provided in Section 5.1(c) of this Agreement.
Construction Management Plan means the construction management plan submitted by the Purchaser for approval pursuant to Special Condition 16.4 and includes any amendments to that plan approved by the Vendor in accordance with this Agreement. Contamination or Contaminated means the existence or presence of any substance including asbestos which is or may be harmful to the environment or to the health or safety of human beings or animals or which may cause damage to any property:
Construction Management Plan means the document generated by the Owner or Owner’s Representative that lists in detail each component of the Construction Activity as defined in 3.04.

Examples of Construction Management Plan in a sentence

  • The construction of the development shall be managed in accordance with a Construction Management Plan, which shall be submitted to, and agreed in writing with, the planning authority prior to commencement of development.

  • Work must not commence until the Construction Management Plan is approved.

  • Contractor should limit all construction activity within the specified area as per the Construction Management Plan (CMP) proposed by the Engineer-in-charge.

  • The contractor shall implement the Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan (ESCP) provided to him by the Engineer-in-charge as part of the larger Construction Management Plan (CMP).

  • A record of daily checks that the works are being undertaken in accordance with the Construction Management Plan shall be kept for inspection by the planning authority.

More Definitions of Construction Management Plan

Construction Management Plan means a comprehensive document prepared by the Construction Manager, for review and approval by the Authority, setting forth in detail the Construction Manager’s planning, administrative and management techniques to complete the Construction Manager’s Work. The Construction Management Plan shall include, without limitation, the GMP, detailed Estimates of Construction Costs, the Construction Schedule, the Project Manual, the Schedule of Values and other information requested by the Authority.
Construction Management Plan means a plan for the construction of the Project prepared pursuant to the terms of Section 6.06 hereof, which plan will be subject to University Approval and will require that (a) access to the rest of the Lands from Washington Street will be maintained, in all material respects, during the Construction Works, and (b) there will be no material interference with the reasonable enjoyment of the properties and tenants fronting along Washington Avenue, being Lots 9 to 16 of the Survey.
Construction Management Plan has the meaning given in Section 1.5 [Construction Management Plan] of Schedule 3.
Construction Management Plan means the plan of that name prepared by the Operator which sets out the Operator's construction management methodology which, as at the Date of this Agreement, is set out in Attachment 6 as may be updated from time to time by the Operator in accordance with this Agreement. Contaminated has the same meaning as given in the Contaminated Sites Xxx 0000 (WA) and Contamination has a related meaning. Contract Materials means:
Construction Management Plan has the meaning given in Section 7.1.1 [General] of Schedule 4 [Design and Construction Protocols].
Construction Management Plan means the plan by that name attached as an exhibit to and incorporated by reference in the Development Agreement, as amended and supplemented from time to time.
Construction Management Plan means the Construction Management Plan as published by the Building