Shipping Costs definition

Shipping Costs shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.3.
Shipping Costs shall include [*].
Shipping Costs means the costs relating to shipments of the Products by Company to Customers pursuant to the applicable standard shipping rates without markup as and when a Product is shipped pursuant to this Agreement.

Examples of Shipping Costs in a sentence

  • Shipping Costs for Documents is not included in the above deposit price.

  • FS may advance Excess Shipping Costs on behalf of Buyer, in which case FS will invoice such costs to Buyer and Buyer shall pay FS according to the payment terms set forth in Section 7.

  • Shipping Costs of _ for Hard Copy Documents (_ for CD) is not included in the above purchase price FINAL QUESTIONS FROM BIDDERS:Any technical questions from proposers concerning this solicitation shall be submitted in writing, identifying the submitter, to the contacts listed above by email [or fax] only no later than Date/ Time local time.

  • Shipping Costs: Unless stated otherwise, the F.O.B. for receivables shall be destination.

  • Buyer shall bear any transportation and insurance costs in excess of the Shipping Costs (“Excess Shipping Costs”).

More Definitions of Shipping Costs

Shipping Costs means the costs of shipping the Dataset Hard Drive (if any) as set out on the Website;
Shipping Costs means the cost of shipping the Product from Fourxxxx'x xxxrage facility in Fontxxxx-xxx-Dijon, France to WFHC's distribution facility in Newark, Delaware, i.e. the freight and freight insurance costs and the fees and expenses of Fourxxxx'x xxxwarding agent.
Shipping Costs means all costs and expenses of physical shipping, handling, customs, duties, inspection, storage, insurance, and taxes.
Shipping Costs. The Buyer pays all shipping costs.
Shipping Costs has the meaning set out in Section 5.1.4.
Shipping Costs means your cost of shipping and/or the shipping administration fee payable to Roche Bobois;