Substance Abuse Testing Sample Clauses

Substance Abuse Testing. The Parties agree that it is in the best interest of all concerned to promote a safe working environment. The Union has no objection to pre-employment substance abuse testing when required by the Employer and further, the Union has no objection to voluntary substance abuse testing to qualify for employment on projects when required by a project owner. The cost and scheduling of such testing shall be paid for and arranged by the Employer. The Union agrees to reimburse the Employer for any failed pre-access Alcohol and Drug test costs.
Substance Abuse Testing. The Town’s “Substance Abuse PolicySection 416.0 of the “Personnel Policy Manualdated September, 2003 or as thereafter amended, is made part of this Agreement and shall apply provided the employee is at risk of disciplinary or other adverse action or manifests performance problems. Such Policy shall not apply in the event an employee on a voluntary basis self refers.
Substance Abuse Testing. 157. It is the policy of the City and County of San Francisco to maintain a safe, healthful and productive work environment for all employees. To that end, the City will act to eliminate any substance abuse. Substance abuse may include abuse of alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs or any other substance which could impair an employee’s ability to safely and effectively perform the functions of the particular job.
Substance Abuse Testing. 159. The City and Union shall meet and confer in regard to establishing a mutually agreed upon substance-abuse testing program to be implemented during the term of the Agreement, for employees in identified agreed upon positions that are not currently covered by the federal Department of Transportation testing regulations. The meet and confer shall take place in the UCRC.
Substance Abuse Testing. 250. The parties agree that employees must be able to work in an environment free of drugs and alcohol. It is the parties’ goal to: assure that employees are not impaired in their ability to perform assigned duties in a safe, productive, and healthy manner; create a workplace environment free from the adverse effects of drug and alcohol abuse or misuse; prohibit the unlawful distribution, dispensing, possession or use of controlled substances; and, encourage employees to seek professional assistance any time personal problems, including alcohol or drug dependency, adversely affect their ability to perform their assigned duties. 251. Towards this end, the parties have implemented the Substance Abuse Prevention Policy (XXXX) (attached as Appendix A) for employees in the 7410 Automotive Service Worker classification who are not currently covered by the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) testing regulations. The XXXX applies to all classifications covered by this Agreement. 252. The XXXX will sunset when all covered employees who are not subject to DOT testing regulations have terminated employment with the City, leaving only employees covered by DOT regulations. The XXXX will not sunset so long as a 7410 covered by the XXXX remains employed by the City, or retains rights to his or her position, whether through retention on a holdover list, or otherwise.
Substance Abuse Testing. 91. Attached hereto as Appendix A, is the City's current Substance Abuse Prevention Policy; this policy shall remain in effect until the City implements the Substance Abuse Prevention Policy set forth in Appendix B. Appendix B will be implemented, upon notice to the Union, after acquisition of a vendor to provide oral fluid testing.
Substance Abuse Testing. The Em- ployer is permitted to test applicants and/or employees for substance abuse, in accordance with applicable law, at the time of hire or at the time a new Employer takes over the owner- ship/management of a building/facility. No applicant and/or employee may refuse to submit to the above described medically accepted substance abuse testing. If an applicant and/or employee refuse such testing or if the test result shows substance abuse, the Employer may terminate such employee. If such termination is submitted to arbitration and the arbitrator determines that there was a refusal or that a test showed substance abuse, the arbitrator may not modify the discharge penalty.
Substance Abuse Testing. The Employer and the Union affirm that construction jobsites subject to this agreement must be alcohol and drug free. Alcoholism and drug dependency are recognized by medical, public health authorities, the Employers and the Union as diseases. Excessive use of alcohol or other drugs by workers impairs their ability to function, contributes to increased absenteeism and the violation of safety rules. This in turn disrupts work schedules with consequent dissatisfaction among the majority of workers who are sincerely trying to do a conscientious job. This combination of factors is recognized as having a potentially damaging effect in the American Construction Industry and it endangers the job security of the worker and the safety and well being of everyone at the jobsite. The Employer and the Union further agree to the establishment of a Drug and Alcohol policy and the program which will provide for testing of current Employees, pre-employment testing and random testing to deal cooperatively and constructively with the problem of substance abuse among Employees' represented by the Union. To this end the Employers and Union have agreed to adopt a policy and program which involves the appropriate means for identifying those persons with drug and alcohol problems and the appropriate measures to be taken when these problems are identified. The adopted policy and program is a part of this agreement. In addition individual project owner/employer policies will be adhered to.