Concrete Sample Clauses

Concrete. Test for general quality, such as: slump, air entrainment, cylinder test, core test, Swiss hammer.
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Concrete. All concrete shall be Mixed in concrete mixer and compacted by mechanical vibrators. Slump test shall be carried out during concreting and sample test cubes prepared and tested for strength in accordance with the code. The Department will carry out the testing at the cost of contractor. The results of the tests shall conform with the required standard and if the Engineer-in- charge considers that a structural test is necessary, the same shall be carried out as instructed by the Engineer-in-charge at the contractor's expense and should the result of this be unsatisfactory the contractor will be bound to take down and reconstruct the particular portion of which has given unsatisfactory test results.
Concrete. All sections must be constructed of concrete with a compressive strength of 3000 PSI at 28 days.
Concrete. All concrete must cure for at least ________ prior to arrival of the Supplies and related equipment in order to avoid _______________ problems.
Concrete. 4.40.1 Concrete shall be composed of one (1) part Portland cement, two (2) parts sand and four (4) parts coarse aggregate, measured by volume. The concrete shall not develop initial set in less than thirty
Concrete. The appearance of concrete depends on a number of factors most linked to when the concrete was initially poured and cured. When concrete with dirt, mold, mildew, algae and other pollutants and stains is cleaned, the concrete will then reveal any and all imperfections that the pollutants and stains have covered up. The customer understands that not all concrete will look the same even on the same driveway, patio, sidewalk, or concrete slab.
Concrete. Concrete foundations, walks, drives and patios can develop hairline cracks not affecting the structural integrity of the building. There is no known method of elimination of this condition, which is caused by characteristics of expansion and contraction. It does not affect the strength of the building and is not a condition covered by any warranty.
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Concrete. Installation and repair of concrete sidewalks and paths.
Concrete. 1) Preliminary Drawings of all major structures showing overall dimensions, wall/slab thicknesses, etc. Dimensions may not be on structural drawings, but will be available on Architectural or Mechanical drawings.
Concrete. The Contractor shall load, haul, and dispose of concrete material separated by the property owner and placed on public property and ROW, as directed by Owner or Monitor. Any tipping fees shall be paid by Owner. Payment under this item will be per cubic yard.
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