Specific Requirements Sample Clauses

Specific Requirements. 7.4.1 Workerscompensation insurance with statutory limits required by South Dakota law. Coverage B-Employer’s Liability coverage of not less than $500,000 each accident, $500,000 disease-policy limit, and $500,000 disease-each employee.
Specific Requirements. Without limiting the maintenance and repair obligations specified in Clause 10.1, Lessee:
Specific Requirements. Architect's QA program shall include at least the following activities:
Specific Requirements. The provisions of subpart A of this part apply to this section except as modified by this paragraph (b).
Specific Requirements. The AS shall at least detect and signal the opening of any vehicle door, engine bonnet and luggage compartment. The failure or switching off of light sources,
Specific Requirements. The relationships described in this paragraph are as follow:
Specific Requirements. 1.2.1 Contractor, at a minimum, shall provide the maintenance standards described in the Scope of Services (Exhibit A) within the boundaries of the District and for any Zone within the District, consistent with the City Council-approved current fiscal year District Management Plan and Engineer’s Report and annual report afforded for improvements and activities.
Specific Requirements. (i) MP shall design the Affiliated MP Site to conform, in all respects, with the provisions of Exhibit E attached hereto, and