Quantity Sample Clauses

Quantity. If Seller delivers more than the quantity of Goods ordered, Buyer may reject all or any excess Goods. Any such rejected Goods shall be returned to Seller at Seller's risk and expense. If Buyer does not reject the Goods and instead accepts the delivery of Goods at the increased or reduced quantity, the Price for the Goods shall be adjusted on a pro-rata basis.
Quantity. 1. Delivery and invoicing shall be carried out on the basis of net weight at the date of dispatch from Montevideo, Uruguay or any other warehouse of STAHL. STAHL may deliver 3% (three per cent) more or less than the quantity provided for in the Agreement.
Quantity. Seller shall exclusively make available to Buyer and Buyer agrees to purchase from Seller, during the term of this Agreement a quantity equal to 100% of the current and future production into the Points of Delivery. Except as otherwise provided in this Section, Seller shall deliver all gas it develops and produces into the Points of Delivery. Unless agreed to by Buyer Seller shall not sell any gas to any other party. It is currently estimated that Atlas Energy Group, Inc. and Atlas Resources, Inc. will collectively deliver approximately 27,000 Mcf per day and Resource Energy. Inc. will deliver approximately 7,000 Mcf per day at the Points of Delivery. Buyer and Seller agree to mutually cooperate and regularly meet to establish production schedules of gas into the Points of Delivery. Seller shall nominate, by the 25th calendar day of the preceding month, the daily volumes to be delivered during the following month to the Points of Delivery. Seller's daily deliveries shall be no greater than one hundred and ten percent (110%) or no less than ninety percent (90%) of Seller's daily nominated volume as long as Seller's deliveries at each Point of Delivery are at least 500 Mcf per day, with the exception of the Wheatland Dehydration Meter, for which the minimum volume is 300 Mcf per day. If Seller's daily volume delivery is less than ninety percent (90%) of Seller's daily nominated volume, then Seller's shall pay Buyer one hundred and two percent (102%) of the Buyer's replacement cost, less the price set forth on Schedule I, for the volume of gas which is the difference between Seller's daily volume delivery and ninety percent (90%) of Seller's daily nominated volume. If Seller's daily volume delivery is more than one hundred and ten percent (110%) of Seller's daily nominated volume, then, regardless of other pricing provisions contained in this Agreement, Buyer shall pay Seller ninety eight percent (98%) of the daily market price of each Point of Delivery, as set forth on Schedule I, for the volume of gas which is the difference between Seller's daily volume delivery and one hundred and ten percent (110%) of Seller's daily nominated volume. Notwithstanding the first paragraph of this Section 4, it is understood and agreed to by the parties that Seller shall continue to supply gas to its three (3) direct delivery customers, Wheatland Tube Company, CSC Industries and Warren Consolidated for the life of those agreements, including any extensions or renewals. Buyer...
Quantity. (a) Seller shall deliver and Buyer shall purchase and take Seller’s gas subject to the operating conditions and capacity of Buyer’s Facilities. Although there is no specific purchase quantity, Buyer will diligently market gas on resale and will operate its facilities in an effort to maintain consistent takes of all available quantities. If Buyer takes less than the full quantities available, Buyer will purchase gas from the lands covered by this Contract ratably with its purchases of similar gas in each common gathering system or area in compliance with applicable laws and regulation, including ratable purchases from its affiliates.
Quantity. If Seller delivers to Buyer a quantity of Products of up to 25% more or less than the quantity set forth in the Sales Confirmation, Buyer shall not be entitled to object to or reject the Products or any portion of them by reason of the surplus or shortfall and shall pay for such Products the price set forth in the Sales Confirmation adjusted pro rata.
Quantity. Vendor may supply only the quantity stated on the face hereof, notwithstanding any trade custom to the contrary. Any excess shall be returnable at Vendor’s expense but Avanade shall neither be required to return such excess nor shall Avanade be liable for the care of any excess or for its value or for any damage resulting to such excess. Avanade’s count shall be accepted as correct as to the quantity received.
Quantity. Buyer agrees to accept overruns of up to ten percent (10%) of the order on "made-to-order" goods, including parts. Any such additional items shall be priced at the price per item charged for the specific quantity ordered.
Quantity. Unless notified otherwise by Buyer pursuant to the inspection conditions set forth herein, Seller's determination of quantity delivered shall be binding. The Buyer shall be entitled to have a representative present at the time of Seller’s quantity determination. Specifications from Buyer regarding the maximum capacity of and liquid level in any Buyer’s storage tank(s) and the nature of the product contained therein shall be relied upon and deemed accurate. The consequences of any inaccurate specifications shall be for the account of Buyer. Buyer shall fully indemnify and hold harmless the Indemnified Persons against all Demands arising from or related to materials undisclosed to Seller contained in the storage tank and storage tank overflow occurring during the course of a delivery due to Buyer’s inaccurate specification or instruction.
Quantity. A maximum margin of l0%, more or less, on the quantities shipped is to be allowed for convenience of arranging freighting.