Professionalism Sample Clauses

Professionalism. The Engineer shall perform the services it provides under the contract: (1) with the professional skill and care ordinarily provided by competent engineers practicing under the same or similar circumstances and professional license and (2) as expeditiously as is prudent considering the ordinary professional skill and care of a competent engineer.
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Professionalism. Paymentus shall perform in a professional manner all Services required to be performed under this Agreement.
Professionalism. Display professional behavior when interacting with patients, caregivers, other health care professionals and the public.
Professionalism. The Resident agrees to conduct himself/herself in a professional manner consistent with Advocate, Hospital and Medical Education Department policies. The Resident agrees to accept and respect the Mission, Values and Philosophy of Advocate Health Care and its values of equality, compassion, excellence, partnership, and stewardship and to treat all patients, colleagues, associates and visitors in a respectful and courteous manner and to adhere to Advocate’s Behaviors of Excellence.
Professionalism. Elements: Progressing Good Exemplary Conscientious in his/her attendance, punctuality, time management Learns schedules, routines, procedures and calendars for building and district. Becomes familiar with district expectations about attendance Demonstrates a pattern of good attendance and punctuality Manages time effectively and prioritizes work appropriately Attend inservice training sessions Accesses opportunities for all training and support available to new employees Accesses all opportunities for administratively directed training activities Determines personal/personnel development needs with supervisor support and involvement Demonstrate continued professional growth Participates in the evaluation process and the development plan Collaborates in the evaluation process and design of the development plan Sets goals and achieves own professional growth Use technology tools for communication and productivity as provided by the district Demonstrates the ability to use phone, e-mail and computer software for routine communication and instructional material Uses technology to organize and improve efficiency of communication and instruction Promotes and assists others in the use of technology to improve communication and instruction Maintain confidentiality Learns laws, board policy and district practices regarding confidentiality and privacy of verbal, written, and electronic communications Demonstrates ability to determine when, where and with whom it is legal and appropriate to share information Promotes and teaches others how to maintain privacy and confidentiality Assist in preparing and maintaining appropriate records (e.g. attendance, lunch) Learns the requirements for record keeping to assist the teacher Demonstrates the ability to maintain accurate records need for operations, instruction, assessment and reporting student achievement Promotes the use of available data to make improvements in instruction and operational efficiencies Work successfully and positively with others Treats others with respect and shows a commitment to good internal and external customer service Demonstrates an understanding and appreciation of the contributions of people with diverse backgrounds and work styles Uses the unique contributions of others to create effective work teams Follow district policies, procedures, and deadlines (e.g. travel reimbursement, purchase, incident reports Uses information provided by supervisor Maintains awareness of changes and updates and ...
Professionalism as manifested through a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities, adherence to ethical principles, and sensitivity to a diverse patient population;
Professionalism. All school employees shall work and interact in a professional and positive manner.
Professionalism. The Affiliate will provide the Student with adequate workspace and resources (e.g., office supplies, access to computer) needed to conduct Internship activities. The Student shall be under the direction, supervision, and control of the Affiliate with respect to their relationship with the Affiliate’s employees. The Affiliate may set standards and establish reasonable rules and regulations that may govern the conduct of the Student during the Internship.
Professionalism. 4.1 The Trainer of Record is under contract with CASQA and will be representing the organization. The Trainer of Record shall conduct the course in a professional manner, befitting the ethical code of his/her profession. Clothing, anecdotal comments, humor, and other aspects of the course presentation shall adhere to the highest social standards. Sexist, racist or otherwise degrading comments will not be tolerated and are grounds for termination as a Trainer of Record.
Professionalism. Teachers shall be treated as professionals: As such, all appropriate Oregon Revised Statutes, rules, rights, and regulations that pertain to licensed teachers shall apply.