Accurate Records Sample Clauses

Accurate Records. Contractor will keep accurate records of all sales on Campus. Contractor will make all records related to the Work available to University upon written request during the Term of this Agreement and for up to four (4) years after the expiration or termination of this Agreement. Contractor will permit authorized representatives of University to accompany Contractor's employees during cash collection and counting activities and to randomly examine the receipts of Equipment operated by Contractor.
Accurate Records. At all times keep accurate and complete records of payment and performance by Debtor and other Persons of their respective obligations with respect to the Intangible Collateral and permit Secured Party or any of its agents to call at Debtor's place of business without hindrance or delay to inspect, audit, check or make extracts from the books, records, correspondence or other data relating to the Intangible Collateral at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice, provided, however, if an Event of Default exists, such activities may be conducted at any time without notice.
Accurate Records. The Parties acknowledge that all reports and billings rendered by one Party to the other Party under this Agreement shall properly reflect the facts of all activities and transactions handled and subject to Article 5 and Article 7, may be relied upon as being complete and accurate in any further recording or reporting made by the other Party for any purpose.
Accurate Records. Borrower now keeps, and hereafter at all times shall keep, correct and accurate records itemizing and describing the kind, type, quality, and quantity of the Inventory, and Borrower’s cost therefor.
Accurate Records. The Trustee shall keep accurate and detailed records and accounts of all investments, receipts, and disbursement, and other transactions involving assets of the Trust Fund, and all records, books, and accounts relating to the Trust Fund shall be open to inspection by any person designated by the Committee at all reasonable times.
Accurate Records. ABIS will use commercially reasonable efforts to accurately record, store and provide access to VENDOR Data submitted by VENDOR through the Software Services and ProSys Complī Platform. 5.12. VENDOR Data Errors. VENDOR further agrees to promptly notify ABIS of any errors or omissions in the VENDOR Data.
Accurate Records. It is VNV Global’s policy to keep books and records that accurately and fairly reflect VNV Global’s transactions in reasonable detail. In order to ensure an accurate recording of their business transactions, VNV Global will main- tain appropriate internal controls to prevent and detect potential violations of VNV Global’s poli- cies and/or of applicable laws. No false and inaccurate entries may be made in the books and records for any reason, and all payments and transactions, regardless of value, must be recorded accurately. Any records pro- vided by Business Partners to VNV Global must be accurate and include reasonable details. Any invoices from suppliers must, as a main rule, include a specification of the goods and services delivered and, where relevant, be sup- ported by receipts or similar documentation. Any invoices from Business Partners, who provide sales, marketing or similar services to VNV Global, may be paid only if the invoice spec- ifications and supporting documents provide enough information for VNV Global to exclude that any part of the invoiced amount finances potential undue benefits to any third party. Payment of invoices will be carried out in accordance with VNV Global’s internal payment procedures. Before any payment is made, it should be verified that the invoice amount cor- responds with the agreed price or rate. Payment may only be made to the contracted party. VNV Global’s Business Partners shall retain, for a minimum period of five (5) years, complete and accurate records of all costs incurred for their work for, or on behalf of, VNV Global. Payment in cash or to a bank account at a bank in any country other than where the Busi- ness Partner conducts its operations or is reg- istered, will only be made if there are specific commercial and legitimate grounds for doing so. Such payments require the prior approval of VNV Global’s General Counsel.