Similar circumstances definition

Similar circumstances means a condition or conditions that haves an effect on a child comparable to abuse, neglect, or abandonment, including the death of a parent.
Similar circumstances means conditions that have an effect on a child comparable to abuse, neglect or abandonment, including, but not limited to, the death of a parent.[PL 2019, c. 366, §5 (NEW).]

Examples of Similar circumstances in a sentence

  • Similar circumstances involving a faculty or staff member should be handled in the same manner.

  • Similar circumstances beyond the ordinary control of government, pri- vate sector officers or management.

  • Similar circumstances and problems might exist with institutional handling of adults of diminished capacity, such as those in psychiatric hospitals, drug rehabilitation centers, prisons, and congregate care for those with mental disabilities.Other policy contexts might present a subset of these concerns.

  • Similar circumstances in the future could adversely affect funding for local school districts, including the District.

  • Similar circumstances could explain the relatively high numbers of valves of L.

  • Similar circumstances accompany the same phenomenon, but with regard to private companies operating in industries of low profitability or largely seasonal character such as transport or building industry.

  • Similar circumstances played out in the Democratic Party case in Uganda where Parliament moved with unprecedented haste to pass national legislation upon the filing of the reference at the EACJ.

  • Without serious outside influence, a society changed such that policies tradition would have legitimated were no longer really legitimate for that society.97 Similar circumstances happened in Spain following Franco‟s death and following the collapse of the Soviet Union.98 Spain‟s example has mirrored Quebec‟s in the shift from conservative Catholicism to liberal individualism, while near-libertarian individualism has taken root in the formerly collectivist parts of Russia.

  • Similar circumstances reigned in countries throughout much of Latin America during the 1970s and 1980s, and continue today in many countries around the world.

  • Similar circumstances and information were involved in my office’s Review Report 131-2019, where I found that a police officer’s badge number that appeared on a report generated in the course of their employment did not qualify as their personal information.

Related to Similar circumstances

  • Extraordinary Circumstances means a situation in which an environmental assessment (EA) or environmental impact statement (EIS) is not normally required, but due to unusual conditions, an EA or EIS is appropriate. Indicators of unusual conditions are:

  • Aggravated circumstances means circumstances in which a parent:

  • Special Circumstances means either or both of the following:

  • Unforeseen Circumstances under the Federal Permit means changes in circumstances affecting a Covered Species or geographic area covered by the HCP/NCCP that could not reasonably have been anticipated by the Plan developers and USFWS at the time of the Plan’s negotiation and development, and that result in a substantial and adverse change in the status of a Covered Species. “Unforeseen Circumstances” under the State Permit means changes affecting one or more species, habitat, natural community, or the geographic area covered by the Plan that could not reasonably have been anticipated at the time of Plan development, and that result in a substantial adverse change in the status of one or more Covered Species.

  • Exigent Circumstances means a law enforcement agency's good faith belief that an emergency involving the danger of, or imminent threat of death or serious physical injury to any person requires the use of unapproved Controlled Equipment.

  • Special Eurodollar Circumstance means the application or adoption after the Closing Date of any Law or interpretation, or any change therein or thereof, or any change in the interpretation or administration thereof by any Governmental Agency, central bank or comparable authority charged with the interpretation or administration thereof, or compliance by any Lender or its Eurodollar Lending Office with any request or directive (whether or not having the force of Law) of any such Governmental Agency, central bank or comparable authority.

  • Exceptional Circumstances means disclosure:

  • Special Circumstance means an event where, in the opinion of the Bank acting reasonably and in good faith, an amendment or a change is made to a taxation act or regulation, to taxation practices, policies or administration, to the interpretation of a taxation act or regulation or taxation practice, policy or administration; or an event occurs, now or in future, caused by circumstances beyond the control of the Bank making it illegal or disadvantageous, from a legislative or regulatory point-of-view, or disadvantageous, from a financial point- of-view, for the Bank to allow the Deposits of such series to remain outstanding. As provided hereunder, certain other extraordinary events affecting the underlying interest may be deemed to constitute a Special Circumstance and entitle the Bank to proceed with a Reimbursement Under Special Circumstances.

  • Exigent Circumstance means a Covered Person either has a Condition that may seriously jeopardize his or her life, health, or ability to regain maximum function or is undergoing a current course of treatment using a non-Formulary medication. The request for an expedited review should include the following support:

  • Extenuating Circumstances means the inability to perform at an optimum level arising from one or more of the reasons set out in clause 6.1.

  • Reimbursement Under Special Circumstances means a special reimbursement of the Deposits, prior to the Maturity Date, in the circumstances and the manner described under “Extraordinary Events and Special Circumstances – Reimbursement Under Special Circumstances and Payment”.

  • Similar nature means Detailed Architectural and Engineering Design.

  • Uncontrollable Circumstance means one (1) or more of the following specified acts, events, or 622 conditions, whether affecting the Operating Assets, the approved Processing Facility, the 623 Designated Disposal Facility, the County, or the Contractor, to the extent that it materially and 624 adversely affects the ability of the Contractor to perform any obligation under the Agreement 625 (except for payment obligations), if such act, event or condition is beyond the reasonable control, 626 and is not also the result of the willful or negligent act, error, or omission or failure to exercise 627 reasonable diligence on the part of the Contractor, provided however, that the contesting in good 628 faith or the failure in good faith to contest such action or inaction shall not be construed as willful 629 or negligent action or a lack of reasonable diligence of the Contractor:

  • Similar works here means Construction/Repair/Retrofit/ Development & Maintenance and Management of the housing complexes/social housing/ residential societies/hostels/hotels by Agency/Consortium themselves in last five years.

  • similar goods means goods which, although not alike in all respects, have like characteristics and like component materials which enable them to perform the same functions and to be commercially interchangeable. The quality of the goods, their reputation and the existence of a trademark are among the factors to be considered in determining whether goods are similar;

  • Similar work mentioned above means the following:

  • Circumstance means an incident, fact, occurrence, matter, act or omission that may give rise to a Claim in the context of civil liability;

  • Change in Circumstance means any material event or development or material change in circumstances with respect to the Company that (i) was neither known to the Company Board nor reasonably foreseeable as of or prior to the date hereof nor known by the chief executive officer or chief financial officer of the Company nor reasonably foreseeable as of or prior to the date hereof and (ii) does not relate to (A) any Acquisition Proposal, (B) any events, changes or circumstances solely relating to Parent, Purchaser or any of their Affiliates, (C) clearance of the Merger under the HSR Act or other applicable antitrust Laws or (D) the fact the Company meets or exceeds any internal or analysts’ published projections, forecasts, estimates or predictions of revenue, earnings or other financial or operating metrics for any period ending on or after the date hereof, or changes after the date of this Agreement in the market price or trading volume of the Company Common Stock or the credit rating of the Company (however, the underlying reasons for such events may constitute such material event, development or change in circumstances).

  • Small disadvantaged business concern , as used in this clause, means a small business concern that (1) is at least 51 percent unconditionally owned by one or more individuals who are both socially and economically disadvantaged, or a publicly owned business having at least 51 percent of its stock unconditionally owned by one or more socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, and (2) has its management and daily business controlled by one or more such individuals. This term also means a small business concern that is at least 51 percent unconditionally owned by an economically disadvantaged Indian tribe or Native Hawaiian Organization, or a publicly owned business having at least 51 percent of its stock unconditionally owned by one or more of these entities, which has its management and daily business controlled by members of an economically disadvantaged Indian tribe or Native Hawaiian Organization, and which meets the requirements of 13 CFR 124.

  • Crisis means an actual or perceived urgent or emergent situa­ tion that occurs when an individual's stability or functioning is dis­ rupted and there is an immediate need to resolve the situation to pre­ vent a serious deterioration in the individual's mental or physical health, or to prevent the need for referral to a significantly higher level of care.

  • Reasonable in the circumstances means using no more force than is needed.

  • Similar Business means any business conducted or proposed to be conducted by the Issuer and its Restricted Subsidiaries on the Issue Date or any business that is similar, reasonably related, incidental or ancillary thereto.

  • Similar Laws has the meaning set forth in Section 3.3(d).

  • Impact means any effect caused by a proposed activity on the environment including human health and safety, flora, fauna, soil, air, water, climate, landscape and historical monuments or other physical structures or the interaction among these factors; it also includes effects on cultural heritage or socio-economic conditions resulting from alterations to those factors;

  • Functional impairment means both of the following:

  • War means war, whether declared or not, or any warlike activities, including use of military force by any sovereign nation to achieve economic, geographic, nationalistic, political, racial, religious or other ends.