The Supplier undertakes to Sample Clauses

The Supplier undertakes to. 16.4.1 act only on behalf and upon instruction of TiGenix;
The Supplier undertakes to fulfil the conditions of the insurance policies placed by it in full, and punctually pay the insurance premiums, arrange for and ensure that the Supplier’s insurance coverage shall be in full force and effect according to the Supplier’s undertakings under this Agreement, at all times during the entire period required under this Section 21 above and/or under the Certificate of Insurance.
The Supplier undertakes to. provide a minimum of [***] written notice to the Buyer in the event that the Supplier wishes to (i) change or modify the manufacture of the Products according to the Specification which shall include a change to a production process or method (a “Change in Specification”) or (ii) or the Supplier wishes to change the site of manufacture of Products; and
The Supplier undertakes to. 3.1.1. Deliver the goods of the quality that meets the requirements and sanitary norms of the Moldavian Standard for foodstuffs CM 117. 3.1.2. Not to deliver the goods to other buyers in Czechia during the validity period of the present Contract. 3.1.3. Indemnify the Buyer for expenses on publicity (printed matters, presence on international fairs and so on by agreement) as well as cover by 50% entry fees to new trade companies in order to expand the market for the goods. 3.1.4. Forward with the Expeditor documents necessary for delivery, transportation and receipt of the goods (Original Certificate of the Goods, Compliance Certificate, Quality Certificate, Sanitary Certificate, Invoice, and Customs Declaration). 3.1.5. Ship the goods in the agreed with the Seller time.

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  • The Supplier Service Provider remains liable for its contractual obligations under the Agreement, including all services rendered by the sub-contractor.

  • The Contractor must 16.1.1. treat all Authority Protected Information as confidential and safeguard it accordingly, implementing appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect Authority Protected Information against disclosure;

  • The Contractor shall cooperate with other contractors employed on the Project by the Owner, including providing access to the Site and project information as requested.

  • The Customer (a) must provide CTI with reasonable assistance to register and perfect any Security Interest arising under or in connection with the Agreement;

  • Supplier A manufacturer, fabricator, distributor, supplier, or vendor of goods or equipment in connection with the Work, or any other party having a Contract or Purchase Order with the Contractor or with a Subcontractor to furnish materials or equipment to be incorporated in the Work by the Contractor or a Subcontractor.

  • Manufacturer The producer or provider of Agriculture and Lawn Equipment which possess the minimum quality, reliability, service, and value required by the Department and Customers. May be used interchangeably with Brand Name. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) – The MSRP represents the Manufacturer’s recommended retail selling price, list price, published price, or other usual and customary price that would be paid by the Customer for specific Commodities without the benefit of a Contract resulting from this solicitation. It must be publicly listed, available, and verifiable by the Department. MSRP Credit – The MSRP price of OEM and Non-OEM Options, Parts, Accessory(ies) or Implements that are deducted from the Base Equipment price paid by the Customer if removed from the Base Equipment. MSRP List – The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price List, a collection of MSRPs and related information broken down by specific Commodities. In the priority listed below, only the following are acceptable sources of current and revised MSRPs and MSRP Lists for use under the resulting Contract: • Manufacturer’s Annual U.S. Price Book, • Manufacturer’s official website or dealer software; and • Autodata, Inc. d/b/a Chrome Data’sTM Carbook Pro Fleet Edition.

  • Agreement to Provide Information Intermediary agrees to provide the Fund, upon written request, the taxpayer identification number (“TIN”), the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (“ITIN”), or other government-issued identifier (“GII”), if known, of any or all Shareholder(s) of the account and the amount, date, name or other identifier of any investment professional(s) associated with the Shareholder(s) or account (if known), and transaction type (purchase, redemption, transfer, or exchange) of every purchase, redemption, transfer, or exchange of Shares held through each account maintained by the Intermediary during the period covered by the request.

  • Technical Support Services 2.1 The strategic consulting services (the "Services"): Party A engages Party B to provide to Party A the strategic consulting services specified in Exhibit 1 attached hereto ("Exhibit 1") from the execution date of this Agreement.

  • Distributor The Trust hereby appoints the Distributor as general distributor of shares of beneficial interest of each Series ("Series shares") during the term of this Agreement. The Trust reserves the right, however, to refuse at any time or times to sell any Series shares hereunder for any reason deemed adequate by the Board of Trustees of the Trust.

  • The FTPS Unit Servicing Agent shall distribute to redeeming FTPS Unit holders of record on its books redemption proceeds it receives pursuant to Section 5.02 of the Standard Terms and Conditions of Trust from the Trustee as the sole record owner of FTPS Units on the Trustee's books.