Right to Respond Sample Clauses

Right to Respond. Employees will be given a copy of any and all material that may be used against them in a disciplinary action at the time that it is placed in the file. Explanatory rebuttal statements can be attached to the material housed in the file provided such statement is made within ten (10) working days after the employee receives the material. Any reference to allegations that are investigated and determined to be unfounded shall be removed from an employee’s file.
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Right to Respond. The employee shall have the right to respond to the evaluation, either on the form or by written response to be attached to the evaluation.
Right to Respond. A teacher xxx attach a signed and dated addendum to documents placed in his/her file.
Right to Respond. If the teacher feels the summative evaluation report needs elaboration, said teacher may put any comments in writing and have them attached to the evaluation report to be placed in the teacher's personnel file within seven (7) work days after the summative evaluation conference.
Right to Respond. If an unfavorable statement or notation is in the file, the employee shall be given the right to place a statement of rebuttal or explanation in the file. If the Sheriff concurs with the employee's contentions, the Sheriff shall place a correcting document in the file. If the Sheriff disagrees with the employee's contention, the Sheriff shall attach the employee's memorandum to the document in the file and note thereon the Sheriff’s disagreement with the memorandum's contents. An employee's signature on a document shall mean the employee has seen the document and may not agree with its content unless it is so stated on the document. No anonymous material of any type shall be included in the employee's personnel file.
Right to Respond. No evaluative material, including but not limited to, student, parental or school personnel complaints originating after initial employment, will be placed in an employee’s personnel file unless the employee has had an opportunity to review the material. The employee may submit a written comment regarding any material, including complaints, and the same shall be attached to the material in question. An employee shall sign the material indicating its presence and his/her awareness if requested; however, such signature shall not necessarily mean agreement with the material.
Right to Respond. Information shall not be entered or filed unless or until the employee is given notice and an opportunity to review and comment thereon. An employee shall have the right to enter, and have attached to any statement, his/her own comments thereon. The review shall take place during normal business hours, and the employee shall be released from duty for this purpose without salary reduction.
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Right to Respond. The Faculty Member shall have the right to respond to all materials contained in her/his file. Such responses shall be attached to the related report and become part of said file.
Right to Respond. The employee shall have the right to make a response to any material contained in his/her personnel file and such response shall be made a part of said employee’s file. Reproductions of such material may be made by hand or copying machine, if available.
Right to Respond. The Adjunct/Associate Professor being evaluated has the right to attach their response to any evaluation information. The information will be placed in the Adjunct/Associate Professorspersonnel file.
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