Evaluation Procedures Sample Clauses

Evaluation Procedures. Each Appraiser shall be directed to determine the Fair Market Value of the Selling Member's Interest. Each Appraiser will also be directed to deliver a certificate (an "Appraiser's Certificate") setting forth such Appraiser's valuation of the Selling Member's Interest to each Member on or before the 30th day after their respective designation (the "Certificate Date"), upon the conclusion of its evaluation, and each Appraiser Certificate once delivered may not be retracted or modified in any respect. Each Appraiser will keep confidential all information disclosed by the Company in the course of conducting its evaluation, and, to that end, will execute such customary documentation as the Company may reasonably request with respect to such confidentiality obligation. The Members will cooperate in causing the Company to provide each Appraiser with such information within the Company's possession that may be reasonably requested in writing by the Appraiser for purposes of its evaluation hereunder. Each Member shall have full access to each Appraiser's work papers. Each Appraiser will be directed to comply with the provisions of this Section 3.3, and to that end each party will provide to its respective Appraiser a complete and correct copy of this Section 3.3 (and the definitions of capitalized terms used in this Section 3.3 that are defined elsewhere in this Agreement).
Evaluation Procedures a) Upon completion of an evaluation by the principal or other evaluator, the employee shall be provided with a copy of the evaluation report within three
Evaluation Procedures. 7.2.1 Evaluation procedures designed to fairly and adequately assess performance of full- time faculty employees shall be established and reviewed annually by the Vice President, after consultation with appropriate faculty groups at divisional/departmental meetings for their recommendations.
Evaluation Procedures. A. Teacher evaluation serves multiple purposes. This includes improving the overall quality of the teacher workforce by identifying and building on individual strengths, identifying quality instructional practices that improve student learning, providing support and feedback to teachers and ensuring valid employment decisions. Both principals and teachers have roles and responsibilities within the evaluation process.
Evaluation Procedures. The purpose of evaluation is to recognize excellent and satisfactory performance in the areas of instruction, counseling, and other educational services assigned by the District; to identify areas of performance needing improvement; and to document unsatisfactory performance of the faculty member. All evaluations are final and non-grievable. The evaluation procedures are based on the assumption that the faculty are competent and professional. These procedures have been designed to provide a uniform and fair evaluation process in accord with due process of law.
Evaluation Procedures. 4 Contract Revision 09/05
Evaluation Procedures a. At least once each academic term, each employee who teaches a course or other instructional activity shall have her/his teaching effectiveness evaluated by students in accordance with methods specified in the approved statement of Departmental Application of Criteria. It is the responsibility of each employee to keep all student evaluations for the duration of any applicable evaluation period, including any possible grievance or arbitration procedure. Student evaluations from related course components led by other instructors (including Graduate Assistants) will not be used to evaluate the employee without permission from the employee.
Evaluation Procedures. Employees who are under contract shall be evaluated by persons determined by the superintendent at least once each work year. Evaluations shall be completed by March 15. All observations of work performance shall be conducted openly and shall be done in a standard and consistent manner. The forms and criteria may be developed jointly between representatives of the Board and Association. A copy of the forms and procedures will be given to each employee in advance. Employees shall be given a copy of all evaluation reports. No person shall be required to sign a blank or incomplete evaluation form. The signing of the form is an indication that the employee has read the report. A signed written rebuttal and/or comments may be made within ten (10) working days of the receipt of the evaluation report. Each employee shall be evaluated by at least two (2) evaluators. Their names shall be given to each employee prior to any observation. A mid-year conference shall be held no later than December 31. The employee and the appropriate administrator or supervisor shall meet to discuss the employee's work performance. A conference report will be compiled by the supervisor and a copy given to the employee within ten (10) working days. The report shall contain the items discussed. No employee shall be disciplined, reprimanded or reduced in compensation without just cause. Any such action asserted by the Board or any agent or representative thereof, shall be subject to the grievance procedure herein set forth. Any dismissal or suspension shall be considered a disciplinary action and shall, at the option of the employee, be subject to the grievance procedure. Current procedures shall remain in effect for the duration of the agreement; any changes in procedures shall be mutually agreed upon.
Evaluation Procedures. 1. The purpose of the evaluation program is to promote the development and maintenance of excellence in the quality of instruction.
Evaluation Procedures. 11.1 The District shall establish and maintain a continuing program of employee performance evaluation. The program shall include provisions for preparation of written evaluations and a means of making the results of such evaluations known to the employee. The district and PSEA shall form a joint committee which shall review the current evaluation procedures and forms. The joint committee shall be formed within thirty (30) days of the adoption of this Agreement. The committee shall have its initial meeting no later than October 1, 2011. The joint committee shall make recommendations to the District and PSEA negotiating teams any modifications to the procedures or forms. It is the intent of the parties to receive any such recommendation prior to the start of the 2012/13 school year.