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PRINTED. Do you have any outside duties, alternative employment or military obligations that may restrict you from fully complying with your apprenticeship agreement including attending related training classes, accepting full time employment with a participating City Department or SF MTA or from completing this apprenticeship program within 6 years? (Y) (N) If you answered yes, please explain Apprentice Signature Date signed This agreement must be signed and returned to ApprenticeshipSF within thirty (30) days of your acceptance into the SF MTA and City Automotive and Maintenance Machinist Apprenticeship Program. Failure to sign and return this agreement may result in the termination of your apprenticeship agreement with the SF JAC. Please return this signed page only. The remainder of this document is to be kept in your records for future reference. The SF JAC reserves the right to update, change and or modify this agreement. The SF JAC reserves the right to handle each apprentice as an individual. We strive to be consistent on all decisions, but where an apprentice’s records of accomplishment are different, we may, at our discretion, adjust or change formal responses to match with the apprentice’s actions. HOST DEPARTMENT AND SF MTA PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT‌ I acknowledge all that I have received the Automotive and Maintenance Machinist Apprenticeship Program - San Francisco Joint Apprenticeship Committee: Policies & Expectations handbook. I understand that this is to be read and observed by all Apprentices and participating City Departments and SF MTA as prescribed by the SF JAC. Host Department / Agency Name Authorized signer PRINTED Authorized signature Title Date This signed agreement must be kept in the SF JAC file in the ApprenticeshipSF office. Please return this signed page only. The remainder of this document should be kept with your records for future reference. ATTACHMENT U District: #06 File #: 60500 Addendum to the Apprenticeship Standards of the Advanced Manufacturing and Transportation Apprenticeship of California (AMTAC) to include the City and County of San Francisco (City) Maintenance Machinist Apprenticeship Occupation: Municipal Maintenance Machinist O*NET: 51-4041.00MM Set up and operate a variety of machine tools to produce precision parts and instruments. Includes precision instrument makers who fabricate, modify, or repair mechanical instruments, communication equipment, Municipal Railway equipment, fire alarms, machinery, instruments, cas...
PRINTED. It is understood that I will return the equipment to school if requested to do so by either the Head Teacher or School Business Manager. I undertake to take proper care of the equipment whilst in my possession and will abide by the requirements of the school’s insurance policy with regard to protecting the equipment from loss or damage whilst on the school premises. I agree that, should the equipment be lost or damaged when in my own personal care out of school hours use, I will replace or arrange for the repair of the equipment at my own expense. I will use the equipment in accordance with the schools Acceptable Use of the Internet and Related Technologies/ ICT Policy and Data Protection/GDPR Policy I agree to the above conditions: (Staff member) Name___________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ Date:______________________ (Signature)
PRINTED. MATTER Neither party shall publish or circulate any printed matter which contains any reference to the other party without such party's prior written approval. The Trust may circulate such printed matter as refers in accurate terms to the Bank's appointment hereunder provided that the Bank is given a copy of such material prior to its first use.
PRINTED. January I,
PRINTED. Notwithstanding the above, the parties can mutually agree to extend the definition of temporary employee. A temporary employee shall be terminated in the fol- lowing manner:
PRINTED. The Association recognizes the responsibility im- posed upon the Division to provide instruction and train- ing to students attending classes in the Division.
PRINTED. The Lab has printed all images and checked them for quality assurance. This status was created for fulfillment labs, which then in turn send orders to a retail location for pickup.
PRINTED. Employees who are entitled to receive a lunch break shall be allowed a maximum of one and onequarter (1 however, employees may, subject to prior approval of their Supervisor, reduce their lunch break by fifteen (15) or thirty
PRINTED. Where an employee moves from one salary sched- ule to another salary schedule, (e.g.) teacher assistant scheduleto clerical salary schedule),the employee shall be placed on the new salary classification at the same step (year) that the employee was placed on their previous salary classification. Where an employee voluntarily applies for a posi- tion which is a reduction in classificationwithin the same salary schedule,the employee shall be placed on the new classification at the same step (year) that the employee was placed in their previous salary classification. An employee whose regular duties do not require her to supervise other employees and who is required by her Super- visor to supervise five or more other employees shall be paid an additional per day for performing such supervision. An employee shall move to the next highest increment level on the salary scale on the first day of the pay period in which the anniversary date of the employee’s employment with the Division occurs. For the purpose of this Article:
PRINTED. Title: --------------------------------