Identification Sample Clauses

Identification. When performing work on District property, Contractor shall be in appropriate work attire (or uniform, if applicable) at all times. If Contractor does not have a specific uniform, then Contractor shall provide identification tags and/or any other mechanism the District in its sole discretion determines is required to easily identify Contractor. Contractor and its employees shall (i) display on their clothes the above-mentioned identifying information and (ii) carry photo identification and present it to any District personnel upon request. If Contractor cannot produce such identification or if the identification is unacceptable to District, District may provide at its sole discretion, District-produced identification tags to Contractor, costs to be borne by Contractor.
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Identification. 1.1 State Agency Name 1.2 State Agency Address
Identification. All invoices, packing slips, packages, instruction manuals, correspondence, shipping notices, shipping containers, and other written documents affecting this contract shall be identified by the applicable purchase order number. Packing lists shall be enclosed with each shipment, indicating the contents therein.
Identification. 22.1 In order to prevent any unauthorised access to the Client Account, verification of the Client’s identity is made for the following non-trading operations:
Identification. The Master Servicer and WFS have clearly marked their electronic records to indicate that such Contract is owned by the Issuer.
Identification. Lessee shall place and maintain permanent markings provided by Lessor on the Equipment evidencing ownership, security and other interests therein, as specified from time to time by Lessor.
Identification. Either Party may disclose to the other proprietary or confidential customer, technical, or business information in written, graphic, oral or other tangible or intangible forms ("Confidential Information"). In order for information to be considered Confidential Information under this Agreement, it must be marked "Confidential" or "Proprietary," or bear a marking of similar import. Orally or visually disclosed information shall be deemed Confidential Information only if contemporaneously identified as such and reduced to writing and delivered to the other Party with a statement or marking of confidentiality within thirty (30) calendar days after oral or visual disclosure. Notwithstanding the foregoing, pre-orders, and all orders for services placed by QuantumShift pursuant to this Agreement, and information that would constitute Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) of QuantumShift End User Customers pursuant to the Act and the rules and regulations of the FCC, as well as recorded usage information with respect to QuantumShift End User Customers, whether disclosed by QuantumShift to CenturyLink or otherwise acquired by CenturyLink in the course of its performance under this Agreement, is considered Confidential Information.
Identification. Neither MAMP nor any MAMP Subsidiary owns any interest in real property or any option to acquire any interest in real property. Schedule 2.18 contains a list as of the date of this Agreement of all real property and interests in real property leased by MAMP or any MAMP Subsidiary (the “Leased Real Property”).
Identification. THIS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between the City of Calabasas, a California municipal corporation (“City”), and Venco Western, Inc. a California corporation (“Consultant”).
Identification. The criteria for inclusion in the Affirmative Action Pool shall be submitted to the Labour/Management Committee which will identify those individuals who qualify. The Committee shall afford to all those employees who believe that they meet the criteria an opportunity to satisfy the Committee as to their eligibility.