Signature of the Sample Clauses

Signature of the. Tenderer
Signature of the. Tenderer Accordingly the piles shall be classified as
Signature of the. TENDERER
Signature of the. DATA 6.1. Investigator will confirm the completeness and correctness of all data transcribed into the computer system by the Authorized User(s) by applying an electronic signature. The electronic signature has the same legal status as a manual signature (provided Applicable Law provides for the same). The electronic signature is assigned to the Investigators user name and password; no other person is authorized to use these. 6.
Signature of the. “SELLER” Prepared by me as per instruction of the Sellers and readover and explained the content to the Sellers & printed in my office. (Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx) Advocate, Asansol Court. Enrolment No. WB/1072/2009.
Signature of the. TENDERER  The Part-I Pre-qualification cum Technical bid should be submitted in one inner cover subscribing as “Part I Technical bid documents “ and the Part-II-Commercial Bid should be submitted in another inner cover subscribing as “Part II Commercial bid documents” . Again both the inner covers should be put in a larger wax sealed cover duly super scribed as “Tender for the Contract for Preparatory works, filling, packing and stacking of ice creams in cups (50ml & 100ml) and cones and stacking them in hardening chamber and deep freezer rooms in pieces rate basic at products dairy complex, chennai - 600 098 . The period of tender is 24 Months for the year 2021-2023” Period from the date of execution of agreement by the tenderer submitted to the “Office of the Joint Managing Director” TCMPF Ltd., Xxxx Xx.00 & 00, XXXXX Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx-00” either in person or by Registered post so as to reach on or before the time and date specified. Tenders received after the specified date and time shall be summarily rejected.  The tenderer is requested to kindly go through the check list given and ensure compliance of the tender terms and conditions.  The tenderer is specifically informed that all thepages in Part I - Technical Bid and in Part II - Commercial Bid Should be signed at the bottom of each page without any omission by the tenderer/ their authorized signatory with name and seal of the firm in token of acceptance of the contents there above.  The tenderers who are downloading the documents from the web site are instructed to look for any corrigendum after the date of pre bid meeting, for any amendments if any issued. They are advised to down load the above amendments and enclose it without fail along with the technical bid documents duly authenticated. In case of failure to submit the amended documents (if any) the Federation reserves the right to rejection of the tender offer. SIGNATURE OF THE TENDERER
Signature of the. TENDERER Whether the proof of having an average annual turnover for the last three financial years (2015- 16, 2016-17 and 2017-18) equal to or more than
Signature of the. Expert Consultant confirming the accuracy of the given data ___________________________ * Void upon first advance payment in accordance with article 6.1 of the Special Agreement
Signature of the. “SELLER” Prepared by me as per instruction of the Sellers and readover and explained the content to the Sellers & printed in my office.

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  • Signature This Section 2 and the exercise form attached hereto set forth the totality of the procedures required of the Holder in order to exercise this Purchase Warrant. Without limiting the preceding sentences, no ink-original exercise form shall be required, nor shall any medallion guarantee (or other type of guarantee or notarization) of any exercise form be required in order to exercise this Purchase Warrant. No additional legal opinion, other information or instructions shall be required of the Holder to exercise this Purchase Warrant. The Company shall honor exercises of this Purchase Warrant and shall deliver Shares underlying this Purchase Warrant in accordance with the terms, conditions and time periods set forth herein.

  • Signature of witness Name of witness (print) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Signature of authorised person . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Counterparts and Signature This Agreement may be executed in two or more counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original but all of which together shall be considered one and the same agreement and shall become effective when counterparts have been signed by each of the parties hereto and delivered to the other parties, it being understood that all parties need not sign the same counterpart. This Agreement may be executed and delivered by facsimile transmission.

  • Your Signature (Sign exactly as your name appears on the face of this Note) Signature Guarantee*: _________________________ * Participant in a recognized Signature Guarantee Medallion Program (or other signature guarantor acceptable to the Trustee).

  • SIGNATURES AND SEALS 118 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 118

  • Contract Signature If the Original Form of Contract is not returned to the Contract Officer (as identified in Section 4) duly completed, signed and dated on behalf of the Supplier within 30 days of the date of signature on behalf of DFID, DFID will be entitled, at its sole discretion, to declare this Contract void. No payment will be made to the Supplier under this Contract until a copy of the Form of Contract, signed on behalf of the Supplier, is returned to the Contract Officer.

  • Counterparts and Signatures This Agreement may be executed in several identical counterparts, all of which taken together shall constitute one single agreement between the parties. Facsimile signatures and signatures transmitted via portable document format (PDF) shall be considered as original signatures.

  • Signatures H-GAC and the Contractor have read, agreed, and executed the whole Agreement as of the date first written above, as accepted by: Xxxxxxx Heli-Arc, Inc. Signature Name Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Title President H-GAC Signature Name Xxxxx Xxxxxx Title Executive Director Date 3/5/2020 Date 12/12/2019 H-GAC Houston-Galveston Area Council X.X. Xxx 00000 · 0000 Xxxxxxx · Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000-0000 Cooperative Agreement - Xxxxxxx Heli-Arc, Inc. - Public Services - 19-01314 SPECIAL PROVISIONS Incorporated by attachment, as part of the whole agreement, H-GAC and the Contractor do, hereby agree to the Special Provisions as follows:

  • Authorized Signature Your signature on the Account Card authorizes your account access. We will not be liable for refusing to honor any item or instruction if we believe the signature is not genuine. If you have authorized the use of a facsimile signature, we may honor any check or draft that appears to bear your facsimile signature even if it was made by an unauthorized person. You authorize us to honor transactions initiated by a third person to whom you have given your account number even if you do not authorize a particular transaction.