Overdraft Sample Clauses

Overdraft. In the event that the Custodian is directed by Proper Instructions to make any payment or transfer of funds on behalf of a Fund for which there would be, at the close of business on the date of such payment or transfer, insufficient funds held by the Custodian on behalf of such Fund, the Custodian may, in its discretion, provide an overdraft ("Overdraft") to the Fund (such Fund being referred to herein as an "Overdraft Fund"), in an amount sufficient to allow the completion of such payment or transfer. Any Overdraft provided hereunder: (a) shall be payable on the next Business Day, unless otherwise agreed by the Overdraft Fund and the Custodian; and (b) shall accrue interest from the date of the Overdraft to the date of payment in full by the Overdraft Fund at a rate agreed upon in writing, from time to time, by the Custodian and the Overdraft Fund. The Custodian and the Funds acknowledge that the purpose of such Overdrafts is to temporarily finance the purchase or sale of securities for prompt delivery in accordance with the terms hereof. The Custodian hereby agrees to notify each Overdraft Fund by 3:00 p.m., New York time, of the amount of any Overdraft. Provided that Custodian has given the notice required by this subparagraph (f), the Funds hereby agree that, as security for the Overdraft of an Overdraft Fund, the Custodian shall have a continuing lien and security interest in and to all interest of such Overdraft Fund in Securities whose purchase is financed by Custodian and which are in Custodian's possession or in the possession or control of any third party acting on Custodian's behalf and the proceeds thereof. In this regard, Custodian shall be entitled to all the rights and remedies of a pledgee under common law and a secured party under the New York Uniform Commercial Code and any other applicable laws or regulations as then in effect."
Overdraft. In the event that User’s sales Card Transactions after chargebacks, refunds, fees, and settlement payments for any given fiscal day are less than zero ($0), User will be responsible for overdraft fees as set forth on the attached fee schedules or User Application. Autobooks and Bank may reject any Card Transaction, refund, or chargeback that will cause an overdraft. In addition, Autobooks reserves the right to: (a) require User to make a wire transfer to Autobooks within one (1) business day of notice; (b) collect under any guaranty;
Overdraft. If your Sales Order indicates that you acquired the overdraft feature for use with the concurrent license model of the Licensed Software, you will pay Licensor an annual fee for the overdraft capability in the amount provided in the Sales Order, provide quarterly reports to Licensor within thirty (30) days following the last day of each calendar quarter detailing the number of times the overdraft feature was used within such quarter, and pay to Licensor with such quarterly reports the overdraft fees associated with such license overdrafts in the amount provided in the Sales Order. Furthermore, if you have used the overdraft feature for four (4) consecutive calendar quarters, then within thirty (30) days following the last day of such 4th calendar quarter you will purchase additional licenses of the Licensed Software in an amount equal to the daily average number of license overdrafts during such four (4) calendar quarters. If you fail to timely pay any overdraft fees to Licensor or timely purchase any such additional licenses, then Licensor will have the right to terminate this License Agreement.
Overdraft. On any date on which the Revolving Exposure exceeds the aggregate Revolving Commitments, the Borrower agrees to make a prepayment of the Revolving Advances in the amount of such excess, and if all the Revolving Advances have been then repaid, then to deposit with the Administrative Agent into the Cash Collateral Account an amount equal to the lesser of (A) the Letter of Credit Exposure or (B) the amount of such excess less the amount of Revolving Advances then repaid.
Overdraft. You will not overdraw any account unless it is allowed by the overdraft protection service provided by Libro. Any unauthorized overdrafts will bear interest at the rates established by Libro, which can be adjusted time to time, calculated on the daily outstanding balance and compounded monthly. Any unauthorized overdrafts and interest thereon are payable on demand. Night Deposit Service At your request, and if Libro agrees, we can offer a night deposit service, where we will accept for deposit monies or instruments acceptable to Libro. You will place the deposit monies or instruments in an envelope or deposit bag supplied by Libro and place it in the night depository. The monies and negotiable Instruments must be accompanied by a properly completed deposit slip signed by you and enclosed in the same envelope or deposit bag. We shall arrange for any deposits made by night deposit service to be credited to your account in a reasonable period of time after such deposit was made by you to devices designated for night deposits. No interest shall accrue on any deposit made through use of the night deposit service until have been credited to your account with all valid and verified deposits. Non-Registered Term Deposits The Service Agreement only deals in part with Non-Registered Term Deposits made. Other terms and conditions accepted by you at the time the Non-Registered Term Deposit or funds were deposited also apply. You may only withdraw all or part of a Non-Registered Term Deposit prior to the maturity date if the terms and conditions agreed to at the time the funds for the Non-registered Term Deposit are deposited permit it. Certain Non-Registered Term Deposits do not allow you to withdraw funds prior to maturity and a penalty for making an early withdrawal may apply. By purchasing the Non- Registered Term Deposit, you agree to be bound by such terms. If we do not receive your instructions prior to the maturity date of the Non-Registered Term Deposit, we may credit the Non-Registered Term Deposit plus any accrued interest to any account you hold with Libro. We may, but are not required to, reinvest the Non-Registered Term Deposit, on your behalf, and accrued interest at prevailing rates and terms for Non-Registered Term Deposits available at maturity and as selected by Libro in its sole discretion. If you do not want us to reinvest the Non-Registered Term Deposit, you must advise us before the close of business on the maturity date or otherwise you may proc...
Overdraft. Customer is liable for any Account shortage resulting from fees or overdrafts, whether caused by Customer, authorized user, or another with access to Online Banking. This liability is due immediately, and can be deducted directly from the Account balance specified whenever sufficient funds are available. Customer does not have the right to defer payment of this liability, and You are liable regardless of whether You processed the item or benefited from the fee or overdraft. This includes liability for Our costs to collect the outstanding balance including, to the extent permitted by law, Our reasonable attorney's fees.
Overdraft. You agree that each Payment Order shall not exceed the balance of readily available funds in the Account from which the funds-transfer is to be effectuated, and that Helm shall have no duty to execute any Payment Order if it exceeds the balance of readily available funds in such Account. If Helm, at its sole discretion, agrees to execute a Payment Order thereby creating an overdraft in an Account, you agree to promptly pay Helm any overdraft balance resulting in such Account, the Overdraft Charge and the Overdraft Interest as set forth in Helm Products, Services & Fee Schedule made available by Helm, as same may be amended from time to time. Helm makes no representation that Helm’s Overdraft Interest is the lowest or best rate of interest offered by Helm for overdrafts or for loans of any other kind. You agree that Helm may set-off the amount of any such overdrafts, Overdraft Charge and Overdraft Interest against any of your Accounts at Helm. Each Customer is jointly and severally liable for paying any overdrafts, Overdraft Charge and Overdraft Interest created by any Authorized Person, or party to the Account, whether or not the Customer participated in the Payment Order.
Overdraft. If you have an existing overdraft credit line or open end loan account attached to your share draft/checking account, any overdrafts will be subject to finance charges in accordance with the terms of the applicable agreement. In the event we are unable to process a services transaction, (if, for example, there are insufficient funds in your designated account) the transaction will result in a Failed Payment or Transfer. In such event, we will charge the total cost of the transaction, including any service charges, to you. In the event of repetitive failed payment or transfer, we reserve the right to suspend your access to the services. This suspension may be without prior notice to you. If your access is suspended, transactions which were previously initiated may still continue to be processed unless canceled and confirmation of such cancellation is provided as specified below. Suspension will be handled by Customer Service and all inquiries and correspondence including request for reinstatement should be directed to Customer Service. With respect to any failed payment or transfer, you agree to reimburse us within fourteen (14) days after notice is sent to you, for any funds we have already paid to one or more of your designated merchants which we were unable to recover by debit to the merchant or charge to you. Stop-Payment Orders. To be effective, a stop-payment order must be received in time to allow us a reasonable opportunity to act on it, and for some direct payments via ACH must be received at least three banking days before the scheduled date of transfer. To be effective, a stop-payment order must identify the payment sufficiently to allow us a reasonable opportunity to act on it. If the payment is by check, an oral stop-payment order is not effective, and a stop- payment order is effective only if it is in writing. If the payment is by direct payment via ACH and we give notice at the time an oral stop-payment order is received that written confirmation is required and provide an address where the written confirmation can be sent, an oral stop-payment order is effective for 14 calendar days only, unless confirmed in writing within the 14-day period. Properly signed written stop-payment orders are effective for 6 months after date received and will automatically expire after that period unless renewed in writing. With respect to direct payments via ACH, you and we agree to abide by the ACH rules and regulations regarding stop-payment orders. We will...