We pay Sample Clauses

We pay a. Expenses we incur and costs taxed against an "insured" in any suit we defend;
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We pay for bodily injury or property damage resulting from structural alterations and repairs conducted on the insured premises. These operations must not change the use of the premises from that described in the Declarations.
We pay a. all costs we incur in the settlement of a claim or defense of a suit with attorneys of our choice.
We pay. We pay you unless another party is named in the policy or is legally entitled to receive payment.

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  • Service Pay All regular employees who have completed five (5) years' continuous service with the Employer shall receive service pay at the rate of seven dollars and fifty cents ($7.50) per calendar month for each five (5) years of continuous service. This benefit will be prorated for regular part-time employees based upon hours worked in each month. Effective January 1, 2012 Service Pay shall be accrued throughout each year and paid out to employees on the first pay period of December or upon termination of employment.

  • Leave Pay A teacher shall not be eligible to receive pay for any leave unless he or she has left with the principal or designee, acceptable lesson plans for a substitute teacher.

  • Full Compensation Subrecipient agrees to accept the specified compensation as set forth in this Contract as full remuneration for performing all services and furnishing all staffing and materials required, for any reasonably unforeseen difficulties which may arise or be encountered in the execution of the services until acceptance, for risks connected with the services, and for performance by the Subrecipient of all its duties and obligations hereunder.

  • Incentive Pay (1) For any calendar year in which twenty-five percent (25%) of the number of members employed as of January 1 of each year are rated as either Level II or Level III in every phase of the PFT then:

  • Sick Leave Pay A Nurse granted sick leave shall be paid for the period of such leave at her or his regular hourly rate of pay and the number of hours thus paid shall be deducted from the accumulated sick leave credits of the Nurse.

  • Salary Benefits and Bonus Compensation 3.1 BASE SALARY. Effective July 1, 2000, as payment for the services to be rendered by the Employee as provided in Section 1 and subject to the terms and conditions of Section 2, the Employer agrees to pay to the Employee a "Base Salary" at the rate of $180,000 per annum, payable in equal bi-weekly installments. The Base Salary for each calendar year (or proration thereof) beginning January 1, 2001 shall be determined by the Board of Directors of Avocent Corporation upon a recommendation of the Compensation Committee of Avocent Corporation (the "Compensation Committee"), which shall authorize an increase in the Employee's Base Salary in an amount which, at a minimum, shall be equal to the cumulative cost-of-living increment on the Base Salary as reported in the "Consumer Price Index, Huntsville, Alabama, All Items," published by the U.S. Department of Labor (using July 1, 2000, as the base date for computation prorated for any partial year). The Employee's Base Salary shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors and the Compensation Committee of Avocent Corporation.

  • Extra Compensation 1. CTSO Advisors will be paid twenty-five ($25) per hour (capped at eight (8) hours per day) for non-discretionary CTSO activities (e.g., conferences, conventions, and competitions) involving students on days not scheduled as part of the regular school year calendar.

  • Employees' Compensation The Consultant shall be solely responsible for the following:

  • Sick Leave Payout No cash payment for unused sick leave will be paid to any employee leaving the service of the Employer.

  • Cash and Incentive Compensation For clarification, it is understood by all parties that other than as specified herein, the Company is not obligated to award any future grants of stock options or other form of equity compensation to Executive during Executive's employment with the Company.