Card Transactions Sample Clauses

Card Transactions. (a) Card Network Rules. When accepting payment card Transactions, you must comply with all applicable Card Network Rules, including the Visa Rules specified by Visa, the Mastercard Rules specified by Mastercard, and the Card Network Rules specified by American Express. Each Card Network may amend its Card Network Rules at any time without notice to you.
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Card Transactions. Stripe will use a Card Network to authorise, clear, and settle all Card Transactions initiated on your Cards. Stripe may decline to authorise a Card Transaction or reverse a Card Transaction for any reason, including if (a) Stripe is concerned about the security of the Card or Stripe suspects that the Card is being used without valid authorisation or for a Card Unauthorised Purpose; (b) insufficient E-money is loaded onto the Card; (c) Stripe believes that you are acting in breach of this Agreement or the Connected Account Agreement (if applicable); (d) Stripe believes the Card Transaction is suspicious, fraudulent, illegal or exposes you, Stripe or others to risks unacceptable to Stripe; (e) there are errors, failures or refusals by merchants, payment processors or payment schemes related to the Card Transaction; or (f) the Card Transaction is with a prohibited or restricted merchant or a merchant operating a Restricted Business. If Stripe declines to authorise a Card Transaction, Stripe will, on request, if practicable and to the extent Law permits, inform you of the reason.
Card Transactions. 3.5.1. Below are the ways in which a Cardholder may authenticate a Card Transaction:
Card Transactions. You may use your Card at ATMs and merchant and bank locations worldwide wherever MasterCard debit cards are accepted as well as other networks in which the Bank participates. When you use your Card to initiate a transaction at certain merchants locations, such as hotels and rental car locations, where the final purchase amount is unknown at the time of authorization, a hold may be placed on your available funds for an amount equal to the quoted daily rate, plus 15% to cover incidental expenses added to the final xxxx. The held funds will not be available to you for any other purpose until the merchant settles the transaction. Any excess will be released for your use when the transaction is settled. This rule applies only to signature-based transactions where you do not use your PIN to complete the transaction. Cash refunds will not be made to you for POS purchase-returns. If a merchant gives you a credit for merchandise returns or adjustments, it may do so by processing a credit adjustment, which we will apply as a credit to your Card’s available funds. We may limit the number of transactions that we authorize during a period of time. We reserve the right to deny certain transactions for any reason, including your default, suspected fraudulent or unlawful activity, or any indication of increased risk related to the transaction. For security reasons, we cannot provide details of how the authorization system works. You agree that we will not be liable for failing to give an authorization. If the authorization is denied, we may notify the person who attempted the transaction that it has been refused. We may refuse to authorize a Card transaction if: (a) it would exceed the amount that the State has advised us to make available for your use; (b) the Card is reported lost or stolen; (c) we believe the Card is counterfeit; (d) we are uncertain whether the transaction is authorized by you;(e) it is not permitted by the State; or (f) it is not permitted by this Agreement. We may temporarily “freeze” your Card and attempt to contact you if we note transactions that are unusual or appear suspicious. You may not use your Card to perform transactions that exceed the amount of funds made available to you through this program by the State. There may be 05775CA-CC-015 occasions when deposits are posted to your Card in error or funds are added that do not belong to you. You are not authorized to spend these funds because the State has not authorized us to make these funds...
Card Transactions. Depending on the spending tier options you have selected for the Authorized User on the Application, the Cards may be used for the following purposes:
Card Transactions. You may use your Card and/or PIN for effecting Card Transactions, including transactions through the ATM and/or Card Not Present Transactions and/or Debit Transactions and/or any other transaction effected or carried out through any Electronic Service. No other person is allowed to use the Card and/or PIN to carry out any Card Transactions. We may determine the facilities that you may utilise using your PIN. Should we decide to, we may also modify any such facilities.
Card Transactions. 3.1 Cash advance shall include all cash withdrawals made from the Card Account including, without limitation, cash withdrawals from any funds earlier transferred or otherwise credited to the Card Account. Cash advances will be subject to cash advance fee for an advance made from an ATM or in any other forms of cash withdrawal. Finance charges (as specified in the Credit Card Fees and Charges) will be applied to each cash advance from the date of the cash advance, until all cash advances are paid in full. The Bank may by notice to the Cardholder modify the fee and/or handling charges from time to time.
Card Transactions. Cards may be used for point-of-sale (“POS”) transactions to purchase goods and services for business purposes at any merchant location where Visa Business Check cards are honored. However, we are not responsible for the refusal of any merchant to accept or honor a Card. For purposes of calculating your daily POS purchase limits for transactions conducted with the Card(s), we define our “day” as midnight to midnight.
Card Transactions. Any Card issued by us to you remains our property and must be surrendered upon demand. To guard against someone initiating a transaction that you have not authorized, you must take all reasonable precautions to prevent any other person from learning your PIN. If you permit or authorize another person to use your Card or PIN, you will be liable for all resulting transactions and fees incurred.
Card Transactions. (a) You (and any additional cardholder) may carry out transactions with the card or card number, after we have opened the account, by following any procedures required and you must pay all amounts charged to the account.