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Other Systems. Information collected by Your use of the Service is held (a) in your personal Center, (b) backups of the database that holds the Center and (c) the Subscription Store. The Subscription Store is located in Dublin (European Union) and holds Your name, address and email address as given on purchase or subse- quently updated by You. The Provider maintains subscription information as part of its business records in com- pliance with legal requirements and good commercial practice.
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Other Systems. The Company and the Union agree that the Company and the employees benefit from the maximum utilization of the resources at the Niagara Falls plant. It is understood that weekend work on systems other than Project Python will be covered in accordance with the overtime provisions contained in the Collective Agreement and the Excess Hours Agreement. In the event that the Company is unable to cover the weekend work in accordance with the overtime provisions and the Excess Hours Agreement, the Union and the Company will work together to ensure such weekend coverage, recognizing that this Memorandum provides the framework for establishing such coverage. Signed at Niagara Falls, Ontario this 10th day of January, 2017. For the Company For the Union Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Letter of Understanding No.5 between Post Foods Canada Inc. and UNIFOR Local 1101 This is a Letter of Understanding between Post Foods Canada Inc. (“the Company”) and UNIFOR Local 1101 (“the Union”).
Other Systems. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, Nuvolo’s obligations extend only to those systems, networks, network devices, facilities and components over which Nuvolo exercises control. For clarity, the entirety of this Section 3 does not apply to: (i) any ServiceNow datacenter or any infrastructure within the sole control of ServiceNow and/or End Customer, including the ServiceNow Platform; (ii) Customer Data including any Regulated Data hosted in End Customer’s ServiceNow instance; (iii) Customer Data including any Regulated Data in End Customer’s virtual private network (VPN) or third-party network; or (iv) any Customer Data processed by End Customer in violation of this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, Nuvolo does not have access to End Customer’s production instance of ServiceNow.
Other Systems. To develop and establish other systems using the Marks or other names or marks and to grant licenses thereto without providing any rights to Franchisee; and
Other Systems. If during the term of this Agreement Ciba makes the determination to engage a third party (other than Dermion) to develop a System for a Drug owned, licensed or manufactured by Ciba (other than a Ciba Proprietary Drug for treatment of the Specified Indication, which shall be covered by Section 3.5(a) above) (a "Ciba Proposed System"), prior to initiating discussions with such third party, Ciba shall notify Dermion in writing. Ciba agrees for a period of thirty (30) days from such notice (the "Ciba Standstill Period"), (i) to negotiate in good faith with Dermion to reach an agreement under which Dermion would develop the Ciba Proposed System for Ciba either pursuant to this Agreement or an amendment to this Agreement (provided, that, other than providing for incremental costs to be paid by Ciba and incremental personnel, facilities and resources to be provided by Dermion, such amendment shall be on the same terms and conditions as this Agreement), and
Other Systems. Total Rewards II player loyalty program, 1-800-Xxxxxx’x telephone reservation system, Gaming Panel, Guest Service Rating System, purchasing and inventory control systems and accounting systems. EXHIBIT G
Other Systems. Company will serve as the primary point of contact and handle all coordination with outside vendors related to the IT environment (excluding above exceptions). Maintenance and upgrades for these systems will be quoted separately unless otherwise documented in writing.
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Other Systems. Per 42 CFR 438.242, Contractor shall maintain a health information system that collects, analyzes, integrates, and reports data on OHP Member and Provider characteristics as specified by DHS in accordance with 410-141-0320 and OAR 410-120-1280. Contractor shall make collected data available to the State or CMS upon request. The system will have automated capacity adequate to track changes to and errors in the Enrollment listing, including capability to track Disenrollments for other than loss of OHP eligibility; track Utilization Management activities; Grievances and Appeals; coordinate benefits with other payers; collect funds from other payers; and track claims received, Adjudicated and paid.
Other Systems. All other systems that are made available to Members by any of the APEX Entities from time to time including but not limited to the Member & Client Management System and the Delivery System.
Other Systems. • C-cure
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