Definition of Post Foods

Post Foods means Post Foods, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.
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This Amendment shall become effective as of the date hereof (the Effective Date) upon the receipt by the Agent of (a) this Amendment, (b) that certain Amendment No. 1 to Receivables Sale Agreement of even date herewith among the Seller and the Originators, (c) that certain Transfer and Release Letter, of even date herewith, among the Agent, the Seller and Post Foods, LLC, in each case, duly executed by the parties hereto or thereto.
This Article Nine shall not apply to any transactions with Ralcorp Holdings, Inc, a Missouri corporation or its subsidiaries, in connection with the Separation and Distribution Agreement by and among Ralcorp, the Corporation and Post Foods, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, or any agreement or matter provided for therein or contemplated thereby.