Loyalty Program Sample Clauses

Loyalty Program a. Seller has in place a bonus system for Buyer’s who purchase their fireworks displays exclusively from Seller year-to-year. The full terms of Seller’s loyalty program have been provided to Buyer with the Program and are available on J&M’s website.
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Loyalty Program. ShoLodge will charge Customer $1.50 for each sign up.
Loyalty Program. Prior to Closing, Purchaser will work in good faith and use commercially reasonable efforts to transition hotels set forth on Schedule 6.17 onto the loyalty platform and program operated by Purchaser and its Affiliates, effective as of Closing. In connection therewith, Purchaser shall engage with the owners of such hotels to provide them with all reasonably requested information regarding such loyalty platform and program and shall otherwise use commercially reasonable efforts to manage Purchaser’s systems in a manner to appropriately implement such transition; provided, however, that, prior to the Closing, neither the Purchaser nor any of its Affiliates shall contact, directly or indirectly, any counterparty to any owners of such hotels without the prior written consent of the Company (not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed) and, in any event, any such approved communication between the Purchaser or any of its Affiliates with any owners of such hotels shall require the reasonable participation of a Representative of the Company unless the parties agree otherwise. In furtherance thereof, Sellers will cause the owners of the hotels set forth on Section 6.17 of the Disclosure Schedule to agree to Purchaser’s standard loyalty program terms with respect to the operation of such hotels.
Loyalty Program. 9.1. User can Delegate a certain amount of BTCSECURE Token to the Validator Node and take part in the Loyalty Program for which can get a discount on the Service Fee (“Discount“) for its entire Stake:
Loyalty Program. Xxxxxx Comfort values the loyalty of all our customers, and we believe your loyalty should be rewarded. That’s why we created the Xxxxxx Loyalty Program. This program awards Comfort Points for every dollar you spend on our products and services, and allows Please keep reading this brochure to find out more about Xxxxxx Comfort’s three Generator Maintenance Programs annual oil and filter change as well as each of the following tasks: you to redeem these points for Xxxxxx Loyalty — the Power Program, Power Plus Program and Ultimate Power Program — then fill out and return the enclosed card to enroll. You can also give us a call if you’d like to discuss the details of our maintenance programs, or if you have any questions or concerns about your home’s back-up power INSPECT • Control PanelFuel Lines & Connections • Oil Level** • Enclosure Louvers** CLEAN • Enclosure Louvers • Battery > Remove Corrosion > Clean & Tighten Terminals discounts on new equipment, as well as gift certificates and much more.
Loyalty Program. 15.1 In order to avail of the rewards/loyalty facility, you may need to enroll yourself for the loyalty program. A Membership Rewards Enrolment Fee may be required to be paid by you. However, no amount shall be charged/levied to you for redeeming the reward points against merchandise available in the Rewards Catalogue.
Loyalty Program. All elements of the Loyalty Program shall remain in effect and shall be honored by the Parties unless modified by the Company; provided that (i) following any such modification shall remain the primary Loyalty Program for the Company Channels, (ii) no such modification shall have a material adverse effect on the Program, and (iii) the Loyalty Program is providing at least the value to the Cardholder that it was providing before such modification. Without limiting the foregoing, as a strategic priority for the Program, the Bank shall facilitate the Company's efforts to improve the effectiveness of the Loyalty Program in driving Transactions in all Company Channels by actively proposing to the Company possible improvements in Loyalty Program features and functionality, and providing at the Bank's cost reasonable analyses of the projected effects of such proposed improvements on Net Credit Sales.
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Loyalty Program. If Merchant chooses to launch a loyalty program, Flexiti will, at Merchant’s request, work together with Merchant to determine how Flexiti can help facilitate the loyalty program.
Loyalty Program. (a) Bank shall administer and manage a loyalty program for Cardholders in connection with the Plan (a “Loyalty Program”), consistent with practices currently in effect. Company shall own the Loyalty Program, and will be responsible for determining its rules, funding the rewards related to it, and ensuring compliance with all Applicable Laws. If Company creates a non-Cardholder loyalty/rewards program, the value proposition for the Loyalty Program shall be higher than the value proposition for any future non-Cardholder loyalty/rewards program.
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