The Marks Sample Clauses

The Marks. References to the “Marks” means the Licensed Brand and all other service marks, copyrights, trademarks, logos, insignia, emblems, symbols and designs (whether registered or unregistered), slogans, distinguishing characteristics, trade names, domain names, and all other marks or characteristics associated or used with or in connection with the System (as defined in Subparagraph 1.c. below), and similar intellectual property rights, that we designate from time to time to be used in the System.
The Marks. Licensee shall include the Marks on or with all Licensed Products and shall include all notices and legends with respect to the Marks as are or may be required by applicable federal, state, and local laws or which may be reasonably requested by JL Sweden.
The Marks. Vendor represents that it has the exclusive right, title and interest in and to all Marks and has full power and authority to grant to Lessors the license described in Section 1 of this Agreement. Such grant does not require the consent of any other person or entity. None of the Marks do now, or will in the future, violate the material rights or claimed rights of any other person or entity.
The Marks. This assignment and grant of rights in and to the Marks includes all right, title and interest that Seller may own in (i) the words “any event”, “any event ticketsand/or “” as word marks, independent of any design, (ii) the words “any event”, “any event tickets” or “” as used as part of any design, (iii) any and all common law rights in the Marks owned by Seller, and (iv) all designs and logos related to the Marks, and all stylized versions thereof, together with the right to recover for the past infringements thereof, and the good will and portion of the business of Seller pertaining to and symbolized by such trademarks.
The Marks. 8.1.1 The Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that (i) the Marks shall not be deemed to be hereby acquired and (ii) the license under which the Companies use the Marks will be terminated sixty (60) calendar days after the Closing Date. The Sellers shall be permitted (but shall not be required), after due consultation with the Purchaser, on or prior to Closing, to cause each of the Companies to change its name such that the name "Reliant" or "
The Marks. Licensee acknowledges that the Company is the owner of all Marks licensed to Licensee by this Agreement and all usage thereof by Licensee and any goodwill established thereby shall be for the exclusive benefit of the Company. Licensee agrees to use each such Mark xx full compliance with rules prescribed from time to time by the Company. Licensee may not use any Mark xx connection with the sale of any unauthorized product or service or in any other manner not explicitly authorized in writing by the Company. Licensee shall immediately notify the Company of any infringement of or challenge to the Company's use of any Mark xx claim by any person of any rights in any Mark, xxd Licensee shall not communicate with any person other than the Company and its counsel in connection with any such infringement challenge or claim. The Company shall have sole discretion to take such action as it deems appropriate and the right to exclusively control any litigation of the Patent or Mark xx other proceeding arising out of any such infringement, challenge or claim or otherwise relating to any Mark xxx Licensee agrees to execute any and all instruments and documents, render such assistance and do such acts and things as may, in the opinion of the Company's counsel, be necessary or advisable to protect and maintain the interests of the Company in any such litigation, Patent or Trademark or other proceeding or to otherwise protect and maintain the interest of the Company in the Marks. The Company agrees to indemnify Licensee against and to reimburse Licensee for all damages for which he is held liable in any proceeding arising out of the use of any Mark xx compliance with this Agreement and for all costs reasonably incurred by Licensee in the defense of any such claim brought against him or in any such proceeding in which he is named as a party. If it becomes advisable at any time in the sole discretion of the Company for Licensee to modify or discontinue use of any Mark xxx/or use one or more additional or substitute trademarks Licensee agrees to do so and the sole obligation of the Company in any such event shall be to reimburse Licensee for his tangible costs of complying with this obligation.
The Marks. SHPC has the sole right and authority to enter into an agreement, to use, license and grant the rights hereunder in the trademarks SMARTHEALTH PAYCARD and HEALTHCARE PAYCARD. Collectively, the marks SMARTHEALTH PAYCARD and HEALTHCARE PAYCARD, together with the name, approved likeness, approved silhouette and voice of SMARTHEALTH PAYCARD and HEALTHCARE PAYCARD shall be referred to herein as the "Marks". Pursuant to the Master Marketing Agreement, SHPC has agreed to license the Marks to Company.
The Marks. VOCUS shall include the Licensed Trademarks on or with all Licensed Products and shall include all notices and legends with respect to the Licensed Trademarks or pursuant to federal, state and local laws and all other notices and legends as may be reasonably requested by Bacon’s.
The Marks. The "Marks" shall mean all of the interest of the Liggxxx Parties and any affiliate of any Liggxxx Xxxty in all trademarks, trade names, trade dress, service marks, registrations and applications for registrations therefor, in each case relating to "Lark," "Chesterfield" and "L&M" brands, including any variation or product line extension thereof and any derivative pertaining thereto. "Lark," "Chesterfield" and "L&M" are referred to herein as the "Brands."